Outsourcing Your Social Media Activity and How It Helps Better Your Business.

It may seem counterintuitive. The whole point of getting onto social media is to get to know your clients better! Why should someone else be in charge of your accounts? Isn’t the point of all these apps that anyone can use them? Here are 4 reasons you should consider outsourcing.

Expert Help For Your Social Media

The biggest reason to get an agency to run your accounts is that they know what they’re doing. Sure, social media is made to be user-friendly, but just because the work is easy, doesn’t mean it’s effective. The world of social media marketing is complex; you may know how you use social media, but knowing how the world at large, or (even more difficult) a target audience, uses it is a full-time job.

Not Everyone Knows Online Marketing

There is a common misconception that online marketing is intuitive for everyone: after all, it is just another way to socialize, right? Not exactly! Just like any other method of marketing, there are some who excel at it and others who aren’t as successful. When you outsource, the people posting to your account not only naturally excel at this: they’ve been studying it for years. It’s not an easy industry to be an expert in because you must keep up with consumer behaviour on a constant, ongoing basis.

Return On Investment (ROI)

You may be tempted to simply do it yourself, considering the social media apps are free and you will be the focus of the posts. As a business person, it’s important that you remember the value of your time. Managing social media, especially once you establish a following, is a big job.

Why Outsource Your Social Media Management

It may only take a moment to make a tweet, but to answer DM’s, check out new followers, read all your mentions, and launch campaigns takes significant time.

When you outsource your social media, it is going to be more cost efficient. As a business owner, you know the cost of training someone, especially if they have no experience in the field. That’s the benefit of outsourcing: you know all the time spent on your accounts will produce the highest possible ROI.

You Can Still Connect

A big turn-off for outsourcing is that it requires you to relinquish some control over your brand. People feel like the point of getting on social media is to connect with clients or customers, and assume they won’t be able to do this if they outsource their accounts.

This is not true, though! Not only are you absolutely allowed to (even encouraged to) run a personal account, most marketing agency also allow you to post to your accounts. You can sign in, look through your messages or newsfeed and see what people are saying about your service! Just because a marketing agency is posting for you, doesn’t mean you no longer own your accounts.

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