Why You Need Buyer Personas For Your Growing Law Firm, Now

A “buyer persona” provides a law firm with a better understanding of potential clients.  This opens up the opportunity to set an efficient plan that attracts the specific target audience. 

What is a Buyer Persona?

Content that is based on buyer personas effectively targets the right audience with relevant content that is tailored to their needs. Such content leads your law firm to success, as opposed to general content that isn’t relatable and probably won’t strike the interest of readers.

That’s why, spending a sufficient  amount of time at the beginning of the marketing journey yields better results. 

Patience while developing the buyer’s persona allows you to tailor your online presence and content to your ideal clients. Otherwise, you might risk attracting the wrong type of clients altogether or not attracting enough of them to sustain your law firm.

How to Develop Buyer Personas

The first step in creating a buyer persona is to conduct extensive and exhaustive research. There are several ways of doing this type of research, but it will most likely revolve around studying detailed information regarding your previous clients, especially those who are similar to clients you’d like to attract in the future. 

As stated by HubSpot, your research may also include reaching out to the previous clients to fill out a survey questionnaire, conduct a brief interview, or send a testimonial that might guide you in your research process.

In short, the purpose of this research is to gather as much information as possible about clients whose cases are similar to those you plan to target.

However, your research should also analyze trends pertaining to website visitors and information about anyone who has shared your website’s content in the past. This research may sound exhaustive, but there are a few steps that can make things easier.

 There are marketing agencies like ourselves that you can seek advice from so you can integrate your buyer personas into an inbound marketing strategy. We help you obtain and make sense of data about your website’s visitors and study their actions. Then, we write content and plan your marketing campaign based on the given data.  

Also, you should take into consideration the fact that such research isn’t restricted to prospective or previous clients. The research must include any person or entity who regularly shares your posts or drives visitors to your website. 

 If you work in a field of law that permits you to contribute to nonprofits on a regular basis, maybe some of them might be regularly sharing your posts or pages on their own social media accounts. 

In other words, everyone who brings traffic to your website must be studied.

How To Move Forward

Once you define exactly who you’re trying to communicate with, your firm’s legal marketing agency will be able to target your messages more appropriately, speaking directly to each type of ideal client while deploying well-planned, client-focused marketing campaigns.

Then, based on the buyer research you can start finding keywords that target these personas. Using the right keywords will help Search Engines understand your content and identify who would be interested in them. This allows your website to rank higher on the search results page of the clients you want to target.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your specific target audience will generate high quality leads with less effort than following a traditional marketing path. So, spending a little more time developing buyer personas in the beginning allows you to skip several steps later on in the marketing campaign.

Buyer personas allow you to picture the clients you want, and attract them. In other words, you will be choosing your clients from now on, not the other way around.

If you need to create buyer personas for your law firm, reach out to us so we can help you draft relevant and informative content.

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