Effective Newsletters: How To Develop Them For Inbound Marketing

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How many times have you received an email from a company that you deleted without even reading? Quite a lot, and there’s a reason for that.

Companies sometimes send newsletters via emails to update their clients whenever they feel the need to promote something. Rare are the ones that send targeted emails to their clients all while knowing the type of content they’re interested in.

If you are the company sending newsletter type emails to your clients on a regular basis. What type of emails do you send them? 

In this blog we will explore the different types of email marketing campaigns and examine what you should be doing moving forward to ensure your emails are effective.

How many email newsletters per month?

The first question asked is the number of emails a company should send per month, and while that is important, what we believe is a more crucial factor are the open-rate results. By measuring the impact of every email sent through analytic findings, this we believe, will be your indicator as to how many newsletters to send.

What should the message contain?

The second important factor is the content that is being delivered. What information are you sending your clients? How important is that information pertaining to them?

As part of any Inbound Marketing strategy, your email campaigns should contain content relevant to the reader. Towards the end of last year, we had scheduled an email campaign reminding patients at the Cambridge Dental Centre to use up their dental benefits before their coverage expires for the term.

The response rate for that email campaign was phenomenal. Why? Because patients deemed the content of that email to be interesting. The turnout of patients applying their dental insurance of that year increased by over 60%. 

AB Testing is key

Have you tried A/B testing before? It’s a great way for you to diversify the type of emails you are sending. Thing is, you cannot predict what your clients like or not like to read. Yes, you may have an idea of that they expect from you but you can never tell what will or won’t work. The best way to do that is through A/B testing.

A/B testing means you create two email campaigns delivering the same message but composed differently. These will be sent to two groups from your client pool for an eventual performance evaluation.

Consistency, It’s All About Dedication

Lastly, repeat. Repeating, scheduling and following up with newsletter campaigns is an essential pillar dictating the success of your campaign. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results right away. This process requires time and patience.

As long as you take the initiative to understand your client base, what they like and don’t like, you will be more effective in the campaign you are running.

Take home message: Your job as a business owner is to understand what your clients like to read, and deliver the quality content they are expecting of you.

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