Turning Great Patients Into Loyal Fans: The Why and How

Celebrity doctors are saturating their market. The entertainment industry has realized that the world wants to hear about what it is that doctors do all day, and they’ve begun to capitalize, especially with their patients.

Who’s Done It?

There’s been fictionalized stories about doctors for quite some time now: Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, The Mindy Project, etc. Now though, we are realizing there’s a market-share for stories about doctors that more closely resemble reality, from Dr. Miami’s success on Snapchat, to Dr. Drew’s success on Twitter.

As this switch occurs, other doctors are beginning to wonder, with just cause, if this same thing could be done by more typical doctors. The interest is there, so why not use that interest to show people you’re the best at what you do?

Here’s what you need to know about how that process works, and why it’s a good idea to jump on board.

Why Turn Patients to Fans?

There are a few reasons it’s a good idea to start showing people what you’re doing:

  1. Spread dependable medical information
  2. Demystify your work for patients
  3. Create longstanding relationships with patients

The first point is important because it’s not necessarily true for our celebrity doctors, like Dr. Drew who often catches heat for saying things that most doctors simply wouldn’t. He has said that belief in Scientology indicates childhood abuse, and described chronic pain diagnoses as “garbage-bag diagnoses.”

The voice of doctors in the media right now is focused on the celebrity aspect of their jobs rather than the doctor part. That’s why we need more doctors like you logging on.

What Are The Benefits Of An Online Presence?

The key benefit of getting online is that you’re going to be able to turn regular everyday patients into fans by allowing them to follow you and see what it is that you do. Sharing the ins and outs of your work-life, grants your patients to see you as more than just their doctor. You’re building a relationship of trust; patients and potential patients will appreciate your transparency.

Instead of tricking people into enjoying your online presence with fear-mongering like Dr. Drew, you can  do it simply by being honest.

How Can You Turn Patients into Fans?

The more difficult question is how do you turn regular, every-day patients into fans online? Well, the first step is letting people know you’re online! When patients come into your office, make sure they won’t leave without know your presence on social media.

Your second step is making sure that the things you’re posting are interesting to patients. Rather than a personal account where you might post things that other doctors would be more apt to read, you want to show people your human side. Post relatable content that is both educational, yet entertaining, in order to capture attention.

Check out the following tweet from Dr. Drew; he’s showing everyone the fun aspects of his job, without risking his reputation.

How Can You Show Your Fans That You Care?

You’re going to want to respond often, especially when you first start going live. Showing fans that you care about their input by responding or reposting it can make all the difference in the relationships you form with people online.

You may be the kind of person who knows that communicating with the public isn’t their strong suit, or you may just not be that tech savvy. Don’t let that stop you from getting the attention your practice deserves.

These days there are plenty of options for outsourcing, so if doing it yourself seems to hard, you can still get the results you’re looking for.

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