SaaS Inbound Marketing Strategy

When it comes to what will be the best marketing strategy for software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, the answer would be the type of marketing that’s already in tune with it. Inbound marketing for SaaS companies is the most optimal decision in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

An inbound marketing agency like fits perfectly for SaaS companies. With how connected today is to the internet, an experienced team like knows effective inbound marketing strategies for SaaS companies.

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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing for SaaS companies is the utilization of methods by the agency to naturally draw in visitors online to a client’s website. With this method, the inbound SaaS marketing strategy makes it more subtle and natural, driving down skepticism of the visitor.

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What makes inbound marketing unique compared to traditional methods, is that it is in tune with the world we live in today. Part of the inbound Saas marketing strategy would be entirely using online resources. For a SaaS company, where their software is available via a digital store and their audience is present online, this makes inbound marketing perfect.

What’s more, the inbound inbound marketing buyer journey for SaaS would be recorded to adjust the strategy for optimal results.

SaaS Inbound Marketing Strategy

7 Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies for SaaS Companies

SaaS is more prevalent in normal life than people realize. Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google all use this business model, and is proven to be effective when done right. 

We believe that the optimal way to do that is through inbound Saas marketing strategy, and we here at will explain to you why it’s the best method and how to do it.

Know Your Customer

Researching your customer is the bread and butter of any agency. It is an important part of the research process when coming up with an effective inbound SaaS marketing strategy. Thanks to the digital age we live in today, this has become easier than ever before, as nearly everyone has social media full of personal information.

With customer information gathered, this helps the inbound marketing agency with researching the keywords and phrases for search engine optimization (SEO), the type of content to make, and layout of the website. Learning about the target audience is an important strategy for inbound marketing for SaaS companies.

Use Appropriate Visuals

While attracting a visitor is the first step of an inbound marketing buyer journey for SaaS, retaining them is an important factor. Humans are visual creatures whose attention span has reduced over years, as content consumed has become more fast-paced than ever before. 

Walls of informative text doesn’t cut it anymore, marketing agencies today have to augment their articles or blogs with images to retain viewers.

Graphs, Tables, and Charts

One of the important aspects of inbound saas marketing strategy, is to show how useful the product would affect the life of the customer. Following up with statistics gathered with the informative text goes a long way to prove how effective a product can be on a customer’s life.

The type of data used can be anything, from a customer’s satisfaction in using the product to how much money they save. The informative text will be enhanced with compelling images by using statistics to demonstrate how big of a positive impact it can have.

These features will greatly benefit the inbound SaaS marketing strategy.

Animated Explainer Videos

Another effective tool for inbound marketing for SaaS companies is animated explainer videos. Videos can be used anywhere and can be composed of anything. It’s no wonder why videos today are the fastest-growing medium in the world of advertising, as content has become a more prevalent tool used by marketing agencies.

Short-term videos have seen a rise in popularity with the release of TikTok, and several other platforms have adjusted to keep up with the format, such as YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. Companies are constantly trying to stay ahead of the curb, developing new methods of watching videos. Our partner company,, creates short and engaging animated explainer videos as part of our inbound marketing strategy. These short videos would be helpful in the inbound marketing buyer journey for SaaS. 

With animated explainer videos being as popular as they are today, the addition of them would be invaluable as part of the 7 effective inbound marketing strategies for SaaS companies.

Search Engine Optimization

For an inbound SaaS marketing strategy, the most important tool to raise brand awareness is through the use of SEO. The incorporation of researched keywords and phrases into website content increases the likelihood of their appearance at the top of search engine results.

Our inbound marketing strategy at includes getting a product or service to the top of Google, Bing, or any other search engine. SEO is invaluable as part of the 7 effective inbound marketing strategies for SaaS companies.

Take Care of the Link Beyond the Sale

Once a sale has been made, the work for inbound SaaS marketing strategy isn’t finished. Once a purchase is complete, the work continues, as nurturing that customer and keeping them loyal is possible through effective inbound marketing strategies for SaaS companies.

Data Collection

As part of the inbound SaaS marketing strategy, to nurture that relationship using the information that’s been collected from the customer. Keeping them happy is vital in keeping the buyer loyal, and this information is important to know how. 

The information can come from different sources, such as surveys, social media mentions, or customer reviews, just to name a few. This information is not only useful for keeping current customers happy, but also can be used to build an inbound marketing campaign for new ones as well. After all, this is all part of the inbound marketing buyer journey for SaaS.

Follow Up

To keep the customer happy with the SaaS company, part of the inbound marketing strategy is to nurture the relationship established with current buyers. This can be done through requested feedback or surveys among others, but the important aspect is that the customer knows that we have their best interest in mind. Building the trust between business and customer raises the brand’s value, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Social Media to Raise the Brand’s Value

In the age of information we live in today, everyone has access to everything at the palm of their hand, including social connections. Where people’s friends and family are collected on one application, this makes data collection easier to optimize the inbound SaaS marketing strategy.

Social media advertisements are the go-to format for marketing, but they tend to be interruptive of the user’s experience and not very appealing. Part of the inbound marketing strategy for SaaS companies is not to use social media for bothersome advertisements but as a point of contact with customers.

Giving social media platforms for the SaaS companies as a customer service role can increase the brand’s value, the traffic towards the main website, and to show the company identity. Whether to answer questions or to let them know what your brand is all about, social media is a useful tool for the inbound SaaS marketing strategy.

Content is King

Most companies with an online presence have articles or videos to consume at their main website. For SaaS companies, content is a valuable tool as it not only raises the brand’s awareness with the implementation of SEO strategies but also raises the company’s value and shows its identity.

Content is also part of the inbound marketing’s strategy to retain customers to the brand and increase the brand’s value. The content is what customers will see of the SaaS company, they will correlate the quality and usefulness of it with the brand, and invaluable as one of the 7 effective inbound marketing strategies for SaaS companies.

Include Call-to-Action

At the end of every piece of content, it is prudent to add a strong call-to-action to find when a visitor reaches the end of it. When the visitor is convinced of the SaaS brand’s value, they will use the call-to-action to convert into a customer.

A call-to-action is a helpful tool to both gather information and convert leads into customers as part of an inbound SaaS marketing strategy. Even if a call-to-action isn’t a sale, the data gathered can be used for a more effective inbound SaaS marketing strategy in the future. Hence why including call-to-actions are a useful part in the 7 effective inbound marketing strategies for SaaS companies.

Final Thoughts

With the nature of SaaS, having a presence online is a must, and their best marketing strategy to promote their product is through inbound marketing. With inbound marketing being ingrained with the internet in every step, SaaS companies won’t find a more effective method.

Today, in 2022, software companies are selling their products online, and inbound marketing’s entire method works with the internet. There are few industries that synergize so well as SaaS companies do with inbound marketing. If you wish to market your SaaS, contact us to enact an inbound marketing campaign for you.

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