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Now that we have painted the broad strokes of SaaS Inbound Marketing, it is time to concretely show you how SaaS Inbound marketing works, what are the metrics used to analyze a SaaS Inbound Marketing campaign, and what are the acceptable benchmarks for those metrics for us as an Inbound Marketing agency.

The SaaS market has become more evolved, more complex, and more competitive. As an Inbound Marketing Agency, we implement an organic, consistent conversion and acquisition strategy. is an Inbound Marketing Agency that devises solid SaaS Inbound Marketing strategy and help your business attract target audience, convert prospects into leads and then purchasing customers.

We ensure that the SaaS funnel is optimized from top to bottom. This article will walk you through our SaaS inbound marketing playbook.


Saas Inbound Marketing Funnel

SaaS Inbound Marketing funnel shows your business the path a prospect takes. 

As an Inbound Marketing agency, implementing a SaaS Inbound Marketing funnel translates to conveying your message in the right places at the right time. Our SaaS Inbound Marketing Strategy is effectively built on this funnel. Keep in mind that the basic premise of the SaaS Inbound Marketing funnel is that not all visitors to your business’ website have the same purchasing problems.

The attract stage is the beginning of the SaaS customer lifecycle funnel. As an Inbound Marketing Agency, the goal is to locate, attract and acquire the right traffic that is interested in your business’ products and services. 
Your business is getting solid traffic and driving users into the lead conversion funnel, through call-to-actions such as signups for free trials for your SaaS products. We  implement measures that will showcase the value of your SaaS services, and emphasize their usefulness for leads, which will prompt them into making a purchasing decision.
At this stage, it is extremely important to retain qualified leads by nurturing them and converting them into paying customers. But the SaaS inbound Marketing funnel does not end here. The process of acquiring new customers is much harder than retaining existing customers. Our objective is to prevent customer churn by providing constant customer service and support.

How does a SaaS Inbound Marketing Agency Help?

As an Inbound Marketing agency, we share our experience and expertise in a way that caters to your specific market segment. There is no employee training required on your company’s part. will get up to scratch smoothly. 

Content Creation

SaaS content marketing is the most powerful tool your business can use to attract, engage, convert, and eventually delight customers.

We help you show customers how the software product solves their problems as well as explaining to them how to use the tool. Through SaaS content marketing, we effectively educate customers on how your service works, and gradually guide them towards testing out the tool.

We believe that the goal of your SaaS content marketing strategy is to provide valuable information throughout the entire sales funnel. SaaS Inbound Marketing in general must help customers get what they need to know at each stage. 

As an Inbound Marketing agency, here’s how we create content throughout the SaaS Inbound funnel:

Attract Stage:

We create content that targets keywords related to the market segment, and promotes engaging, entertaining and educational content to drive traffic. The goal at this stage is to help prospects discover that your software solves their problems.

Engage Stage:

Once customers are aware of your service existence, our goal as an inbound marketing agency is to get them to engage with your brand more and earn their trust in the software. 

Our goal at this stage is to generate leads by providing free and highly-valuable content that further nurtures leads.

Close Stage:

Prospects located within that stage are also located in the bottom of the funnel. We produce content that sets your SaaS product apart from the competition, and convinces your prospects against seeking alternative solutions.

Content created at this stage targets a specific audience: prospects who are one step away from making a purchasing decision. They know what they want and which products can address their needs.

The primary objective is to capture readers at the end of the buying cycle and effectively convert them into buying customers. Content may include the following: free trials, consultations that entice prospects to view your products as the adequate solution.

Delight Stage:

The delight stage is a key component of the inbound marketing process that is often overlooked. We create content that favors brand advocacy. This means producing active, and not passive content that can be easily shared by existing customers.

It is essential to continue to keep customers delighted and engaged with your business, so that they become brand advocates and spread the word about your SaaS products.

Content creation is at the heart of a SaaS Inbound Marketing campaign. Content will build an audience, close sales, and increase customer retention rate. As an Inbound Marketing agency, this is precisely our objective. 


Your website acts as your business’ digital headquarters. By optimizing the components of your website, we make sure it catapults your company as a reliable and trustworthy figure of authority in the market it operates in. 


A well-designed homepage aims to outline your business, your brand identity, what it is that you do, and how you can help potential customers. We design and implement a homepage that clearly showcases your value proposition. It should also be able to initiate conversions. We also incorporate strong call-to-actions (CTA) buttons that are well-positioned and clearly visible. We include those CTAs either in the top right or bottom left corner of the homepage

Landing Page

SaaS Inbound Marketing involves directing traffic for an ad displayed on social media channels back to a landing page, which is relevant to the message conveyed on ad campaigns. As a result, SaaS landing pages are designed to drive up conversions, and generate more leads and sales.

As an Inbound Marketing Agency, we create a Landing page from scratch that will cater to your sales needs.


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is comprised of three key components:

On-Site SEO

On-site SEO refers to the practice of optimizing web pages to improve a website’s search engine rankings and generate organic traffic. Not only do we produce relevant, high-quality content, but we also include captivating headlines, HTML tags for blog titles, meta descriptions for web pages, headers, and images. takes into account multiple aspects of the web page that, when added together, will improve your website’s visibility in search results. 

On top of that, search engines and their algorithms have become increasingly complex. They are now much better at understanding what users are actually searching for when they type a query, and at delivering search results that meet user intent.  

We ensure that your business’ website and its content, both what is visible to users on web pages (for example texts, images, videos) and elements that are only visible to search engines (such as HTML tags, structured data), are streamlined to improve rankings. 

Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO refers to actions taken outside of your business’ own website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages, or SERPs. It is about building external links, or links from other websites, and generating traffic via social media.

In other words, off-site SEO supplements on-page SEO. Both go hand-in-hand. As an inbound marketing agency, focuses on your link building, branding efforts to optimize the SEO process.


Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are links from one website to a page located on another website. Search engines consider backlinks as “vote counts” from other websites. The web page is thus better indexed by search engines, giving the website a higher ranking overall.

At, one of the main objectives is to produce high-quality content centered around keywords that will enable search engines to better crawl your website and give it a higher ranking. Thus, optimizes the design of your business’ website in order to streamline the SEO process and optimize your website’s SERP.

Graphic Design

SaaS Inbound Marketing and Graphic Design go hand-in-hand. 

We believe that providing in-house graphic design solutions also comes with the territory. There will be no need to hire a graphic designer, nor the need to purchase an expensive graphic design software and incur unnecessary extra costs. provides a comprehensive, all-encompassing service. We handle all aspects involved in conceiving an effective SaaS Inbound marketing campaign.



Your target audience undoubtedly has a presence across social media networks. They constitute a direct, personalized channel to your consumers.

Implementing an effective SaaS Inbound marketing strategy through social media, our objective is to build solid customer support solutions that are integrated in your social media pages. This greatly increases the level of engagement with your prospects and customers.

Solving customer service issues is of paramount importance. Customers expect to have their queries addressed quickly. As an Inbound Marketing Agency, we teamed up with, a Chatbot marketing agency to implement chatbots that will automate customer support tasks, and consistently answer queries around-the-clock. 

Video Content

Video is one of the best mediums for reaching high-quality leads for your SaaS business. They are also a great way to explain and/or demonstrate a feature or the benefits of your SaaS products. 

We create high-quality visuals. More specifically, we will devise a visual product that breaks down complex SaaS products in a way that their use and value becomes easily understandable by viewers, and underlines their effectiveness as a solution to the viewers’ purchasing problems.

If you opt to our Premium package, every month we create one explainer video in collaboration with, an explainer video company. 

We, as an Inbound Marketing Agency, produce high-quality content, drive traffic across all digital channels, and build an efficient SaaS Inbound Marketing funnel. Feel free to reach out to us and schedule an appointment!

With, your business will be dealing with capable, trustworthy, and competent SaaS inbound marketing partners