Inbound Marketing Case Study: RFID Technology

Saudi Arabian RFID Provider Adopts Inbound Marketing to Strengthen Hold on the Market

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This case study is about our collaboration with Makamat, an RFID solutions provider based in Saudi Arabia. Their RFID products, ranging from active and passive RFID tags to RFID readers, encoders, and printers, work for a variety of solutions, notably asset tracking, supply-chain management, food safety, and healthcare.

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Technology – RFID

Company's Goal

Generate awareness of RFID technology, gather more 

qualified leads, and increase sales.

Company's Vision

Assisting companies in streamlining their operations by 

providing innovative, cutting-edge RFID technology solutions and communication systems.

Collaboration with


Even though we don’t have “tech companies” mentioned 

in the list of industries we serve, Makamat approached us for an inbound marketing strategy after seeing what we were able to accomplish with one of our past clients. Our adaptable inbound technique, which includes content creation (webpages, blog, and social media), content marketing, innovative retargeting, SEO, website development, and website optimization, was just what Makamat needed for their RFID-centric brand.


Our client wanted to raise awareness of their RFID 

solutions dedicated to different uses, notably asset tracking, supply chain management, and healthcare, to name a few. The KSA is home to several RFID technology providers, and Makamat seeked to push their name further up.


The team joined forces to provide 

Makamat with a thorough inbound marketing approach. Our content marketing expertise, along with our background in demand generation and some essential parts of outbound marketing (paid ads), enabled our client to see visible results during the second month of the lead-generation operation. Enhanced overall market presence, website traffic, quality leads, and sales are all part of this.

Challenges and How We Overcame Them

High competition​

The RFID sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is quite competitive, which is why Makamat were struggling to stand out to a certain extent. They did have clients before our collaboration, but it wasn’t up to their expectations. 

→ After conducting a thorough market research, we were able to find loopholes in competitors’ strategies and solidify ours accordingly.

Not enough demand

Makamat struggled with relatively low demand  generation despite having had clients prior to our work. The tech industry, particularly in a field as niche as RFID, creates major tension on demand.

→ After explaining this to our client, we devised a proper strategy that incorporated demand generation techniques which will be discussed below.

Un-optimized website

Every effective inbound marketing strategy is built on a solid website. Trying to implement a successful inbound strategy with an unoptimized website just does not work.

→ After discussing this to the client, we established a website plan that includes a sitemap, wireframe, backlinks, and an SEO strategy.

Disorganized content strategy

Gathering organic leads is the most efficient way to grow a customer base. This usually happens when a solid content marketing strategy is in place, which is something that Makamat lacked.

→ We first studied competitors’ social media presence and (website) blog conceptology. After highlighting what can be improved in Makamat’s content strategy, we delivered a detailed plan on how content marketing will happen.


Services utilized

Website optimization, content marketing, and demand and lead generation.

Makamat’s RFID website needed a lot of work. We revamped their website to make it more appealing, responsive, user-friendly, informative, and content-rich. This entails a complete redesign (brand identity), moving the website to a better host (server), building a sitemap and wireframe with defined and straightforward divisions (navigation), rewriting the existing webpage and blog content, creating new webpage and blog content, and developing product pages. The client isn’t an eCommerce store, but they offer RFID products which prospective customers can look through.

As for the content marketing strategy, we first defined the company’s goals and KPIs, studied the target audience’s needs and expectations, conducted a thorough keyword research, and devised a social media and blogging strategy. We generated SEO research-based content (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram).

The material was presented in a variety of formats, ranging from videos and pictures to blog posts and social media text tidbits. This is a continuous process since content is at the heart of inbound marketing.

All that has thus far been mentioned is integral to demand generation. The first item on the checklist is awareness-raising content. This translates to informative blog and social media posts pertaining to RFID as a solution, the different industries that can benefit from RFID, and the company as a whole.

The next item on the list is content that would make prospects consider Makamat for their purchases. The content at this stage is dedicated to putting the brand on the list of thought leaders in the RFID community, which means that the topics include how Makamat’s RFID products garner favorable results, for example. The last item on the checklist is content that guides prospects into the decision stage. Detailed blog posts and the product page are key to this.

Our team also leveraged paid advertising as a means of generating more demand since a solid, comprehensive, and successful marketing strategy needs more than one element. This aspect of outbound marketing is extremely beneficial when used with inbound marketing strategies since the ad’s viewer would be presented with proof for what the ad says. When the prospect reaches the client’s website, they will find all the information needed to move down the sales funnel.

Our inbound strategy usually also includes blog writing, but we collaborated on only one blog post which details how inbound marketing strategies can be more effective using VBOUT’s marketing automation solutions. Check out the article here.

Results as of July 2022 – Comparison between February – April and May – July 2022​

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Future Vision

The initial collaboration between and Makamat is only the beginning. Our services launched in January 2022 and have been ongoing ever since.

Inbound marketing is all about consistency, which is why our work does not end here. We will be providing Makamat with regular content for their blog and social media, as well as advice on what to do next and how to get more results.