Inbound Marketing Case Study: Global Bases Medical Supplies

Saudi Arabian Medical eCommerce Store Adopts Inbound Marketing Methodology for Increased Demand Generation

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This case study is about our collaboration with Global Bases Medical Supplies, an eCommerce store based in Saudi Arabia. They provide hospitals, clinics, medical centers, and healthcare institutions in Saudi Arabia with revolutionary medical equipment. Their products cover different needs, including respiratory therapy, patient monitors, physical therapy, and home care equipment.

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eCommerce – Medical Equipment Distribution

Company's Goal

Raising awareness of essential and accessible healthcare solutions to make patients’ living conditions more tolerable.

Company's Vision

Giving patients and healthcare facilities access to cost-efficient and advanced medical equipment.

Collaboration with


As an Inbound Marketing Agency, we make sure that marketing and sales efforts are aligned. One of the industries we specialize in is eCommerce, and our customizable inbound methodology comprises content creation (webpages, blog, and social media), content marketing, innovative retargeting, SEO, website development, and website optimization.


Our client wanted to increase awareness of their brand to acquire a wider reach and congregate a larger customer base.


The team combined their efforts to deliver Global Bases Medical Supplies a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. Our content marketing know-how, paired with our experience in demand building and certain indispensable aspects of outbound marketing (paid ads), successfully allowed our client to witness tangible results within the second month of the lead-generation process. This entails increased overall brand awareness, website traffic, qualified leads, and sales.

Challenges and How We Overcame Them

Unrealistic expectations

Most essential inbound marketing features need patience and perseverance to execute. Inbound marketing is not a quick fix.

→ After understanding what the client was looking for and detailing our process, we presented the client with timeframes for each of the different phases of our methodology. 

Negative experience with marketing

Relying solely on a single type of marketing rarely garners the desired results. This is because audiences’ preferences have shifted, and there’s no such thing as the “perfect solution,” which is something that clients find out the hard way.

→ By being completely transparent and explaining the ups and downs of the different marketing steps, we were able to pinpoint exactly what the outbound tactics will be, when and how they will be deployed, and what the expected outcomes are.

A good website is the foundation of every successful inbound marketing initiative. Attempting to instigate an effective inbound approach with an un-optimized website simply doesn’t work

→ After explaining this to the client, we devised a plan for the website which constitutes a sitemap, wireframe, backlinks, and an SEO strategy.


Services utilized

Website optimization, content marketing, and lead generation.

We began by revamping Global Bases Medical Supplies’ website to make it more user-friendly and content-rich. The first step was conducting a thorough analysis of the original website – this gave us an overview of the client’s priorities. When our analysis was complete, we began experimenting with different Call-to-Action (CTA) button labels and locations to grab the client’s audience’s attention. 

We then conducted a detailed keyword analysis to base the services pages and blog posts on (which is done on a regular basis since people’s needs and interests are constantly shifting). Once the keywords were determined, we began optimizing the pages accordingly – rewriting the content to make it more appealing and keyword-centric, focusing on on-page and off-page SEO, and creating new content to appeal to a wider audience.

Upon completion of the keyword research, we came to the conclusion that the company would fare better with a new, SEO-backed domain name. We thus accordingly modified Global Bases Medical Supplies’ hostname from to which indeed garnered several advantageous results. The domain name change resulted in considerable additional website traffic.

The next step was manipulating the website to make it more responsive, which meant moving the website to a better host, working on CMS database optimization, and minimizing CSS and JavaScript script numbers.

When it comes to content marketing, we created SEO research-based content for Global Bases Medical Supplies’ blog and social media platforms (LinkedIn and Instagram). The content took multiple styles, ranging from videos and images to blog articles and social media text snippets. This is an ongoing step – content is at the core of inbound marketing. 

Global Bases Medical Supplies, though a proclaimed eCommerce store, was lacking the online shopping option. We thus created the eCommerce store for them from scratch. To do this, we first categorized their products based on the purpose each serves, created different product pages, and incorporated the online purchasing option to the website.

All that has thus far been mentioned is integral to the demand generation strategy, which also entails downloadable content in the form of PDF documents, email marketing, and paid Google ads – which is the only and indispensable “outbound” aspect.

Results as of July 2022 – Comparison between February – April and May – July 2022





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Future Vision has become an invaluable partner of the medical eCommerce store based in Saudi Arabia. Our operations began in January 2022 and have been underway since then. 

Inbound marketing is all about consistency. Moving forward, we plan to continuously publish informative, commercial, and transactional content suitable for each step of the buyer’s journey. This content will take the form of weekly blog posts, daily social media posts, and though-out email marketing.