Inbound Marketing Case Study: VBOUT

Marketing Automation Platform Adopts Inbound Marketing to Improve Content Quality and Garner a Wider Reach

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This case study is about our collaboration with VBOUT, a marketing automation platform whose services include, but are not limited to, lead management, email marketing, and social media scheduling.

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SaaS – Marketing Automation Solution

Company's Goal

Making marketing teams’ lives easier by automating the processes that would otherwise necessitate a lot of time and effort. With inbound marketing, VBOUT wanted to find new ways to productively market and develop their online presence as well as expand their client base. Their website content, though valuable, was not sufficient from a quantifiable standpoint. Furthermore, the text was not well optimized for certain keyword terms related to the SaaS company’s offerings.

Company's Vision

Providing cutting-edge and practical services that propel companies of all sizes and industries to the next level by assisting marketing teams in designing and launching effective campaigns.

Collaboration with


As an inbound marketing agency, we ensure that sales and marketing initiatives are harmonized. Our adaptable inbound technique includes content creation (webpages, blogs, and social media), content marketing, inventive retargeting, SEO, website building, and website optimization. SaaS is one of the areas in which we specialize, and VBOUT found in us what they were looking for.


VBOUT were looking for ways to improve their website content and make it more SEO-centric and linguistically correct. The client’s goal was gaining more online visibility and becoming a thought leader in the marketing automation SaaS industry.


Our partnership with VBOUT began after we developed an inbound marketing strategy to help their website and social media pages become more SEO-driven and injected with content to help them reach a wider audience and generate more qualified leads.

Challenges and How We Overcame Them

Need for partial inbound strategy

Inbound marketing works best when the complete strategy is put in motion. Our methodology is made of 3 phases, being discover, design, and deploy. The first stage is all about discovering the market, from competitor analysis to buyer personas, but VBOUT had no need for this phase since they had already covered the bases of the first phase. They thus requested our help for the remaining 2 phases, which can be summed up as content creation and publishing.

Not enough reach

Even though VBOUT had a relatively large client base, they were struggling with engagement and interactions. They were sending out emails and following through with social media postings, but there was still something missing. As part of our inbound marketing strategy, we wrote newsletters for them to send out to their contact list, which helped them garner a wider reach.


Services utilized

Content creation and content marketing

VBOUT wanted to enhance the content on their website, so we began by conducting a keyword research to determine what their target audience is after. This allowed us to center the informative pages we wrote on those keywords, which yielded much higher website traffic and overall engagement with the brand. The pages we worked on described the services that VBOUT offers. These entail automation, email marketing, lead management, landing pages, social media, pipeline management, analytics, and add-ons

Our inbound strategy usually also includes blog writing, but we collaborated on only one blog post which details how inbound marketing strategies can be more effective using VBOUT’s marketing automation solutions. Check out the article here. and VBOUT

VBOUT became a core component of our inbound marketing strategy – we at use their services to automate our social media operations for our brands and our clients’. We also use VBOUT to create landing pages, responsive emails, task automation, and contact segmentation.