10 Tips to increase your sales during the Holiday Season

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Ecommerce is becoming an increasingly accessible option for retailers and consumers to purchase products and/or services that they need. This is especially true during the holiday season. It represents a huge opportunity for retailers and online shops to increase lead conversions, and ultimately, generate higher revenues.

By 2021, total retail ecommerce sales are projected to reach $3.5 trillion. A study by Magento has shown that both November and December drive 30% more e-commerce revenues than non-holiday months.

However, just because there is an increasing number of shoppers online, does not mean that there are more purchases online. People do not only turn to e-commerce strictly for buying goods. They also use e-commerce websites as a research portal.

Shoppers require a seamless, cross-platform user experience that addresses both their shopping and business needs. As an ecommerce inbound marketing agency we are providing ten inbound recommendations for your business to ensure increased conversions and higher revenues during the holiday shopping season.


Revamp Your Online Store’s User Experience

In E-commerce, your website is your store. It is highly recommended that your business gives it a festive look and feel so that customers know that you are prepared for the festivities and they can get some good deals there.

More specifically, use graphics and themes that represent and showcase the holiday season. This can include changing fonts to give your website a more festive look.

Additionally, create new browsing tools that enable users to filter product offers and/or discounts that are related to the holiday season.

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Target A Niche Market

This is one of the main methods used to implement an inbound marketing campaign. Instead of using a wide, scattered approach where you try to attract every single user, focus on a niche market. Doing so can give your business better conversion opportunities, since your niche market will be more interested in your products and offerings.

Identifying and targeting a niche market includes performing the following tasks:


Publish Holiday-Themed Content

Tis’ the season of giving, so spread some cheer with holiday-related content. It constitutes a perfect way to add a festive touch to your brand identity throughout that period.

Additionally, customers will appreciate when brands dedicate time to add a bit of holiday fun to their overall marketing efforts.

According to Data Axle, emails featuring Black Friday, or Christmas-themed content generated conversion rates that are 33% higher than business-as-usual (BAU) emails. 

Examples of content creation can include: creating blogs about gift guides, decorating tips, and historical facts about individual holidays. Themed-blog posts can drive traffic to your e-commerce website as well as further engage with and educate your audience.

Customers are already planning out their holiday gift-buying plans, and as previously mentioned, they use some e-commerce websites as a research portal. The earlier holiday-themed content is published, the sooner your business can start driving holiday sales.


Customize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a great way of driving sales during the holidays. Your business can plan email campaigns and tweaks to obtain better results by undertaking measures such as:

Adopt colors and themes that are better suited for the holiday season. These email templates with revamped colors are bound to get more attention and lead to increased open rates.

Your business can also surprise subscribers or loyal customers by emailing them information about exclusive holiday offers. It is a way to show them that your business appreciates their patronage, and boost customer loyalty.


Put Up Banners

Banners are a good way to inform customers about sales, approaching deadlines, and holiday-related promotions. Banner content include:

Discount Codes

During the holidays, your business can add discount coupon codes to banners on the website, so that buyers find them easily while browsing your online store.

Free and Faster Shipping

Shipping costs is a primary reason behind cart abandonment. Free shipping, especially during the holiday season, will give users a very good reason to shop from your store.

Guaranteed Deliveries

If your business can guarantee delivery before Christmas, a banner that notifies customers in advance will increase both conversion and purchase rates.


Create Samples and Bundled Promotions

Ultimately, customers want value, especially during the holidays. Your business should concentrate on delivering that value to consumers, and secure a conversion.

By bundling products for a discount and including samplers, will provide that extra value that customers seek. This improves your per-order value beyond single product purchases.


Become a Figure of Authority

Comparison shopping is a growing ecommerce trend. This includes customers researching online whilst standing in a store. The lowest prices do not necessarily win out. 

Thus, it is essential for your business to provide relevant information to help prospects make an informed decision so they feel that they are buying with confidence. 

Provide the customers valuable data that answers all their pressing questions and establish yourself as a figure of authority during the holiday season.


Retarget Your Product Pages

During the holiday season, the attention of customers is all over the place. They visit multiple ecommerce sites, branded stores, and marketplaces. Sometimes they show an interest in your ecommerce business’ product or service and simply forget to make a purchase.

Simply put, the holiday season makes it easier for them to accidentally bounce from your business’ website. Hence the importance of retargeting campaigns. The aim of these campaigns is to remind your website’s visitors of your product and services after they leave without buying.

With product page retargeting, your business can help reduce that loss from an accidental bounce or abandoned cart. 

Dynamic retargeting ensures your products can show up on other websites, as well as their social media feed, regardless of the platform used.

A product seen across multiple mediums will make it hard for consumers to forget about it. Customers that have already engaged with your brand are more likely to convert and become leads through dynamic retargeting.


Implement Flash Sales

Your business should consider rolling out flash sales throughout the holidays. This increases the sense of urgency shoppers feel about completing their shopping while getting good offers. 

Flash sales are great for engagement, especially if your promotions are well-executed. This will keep customers constantly updated on your sales, and will keep your business well-informed when there is a demand for a particular product.


Optimize Your Pricing Points

SMART Goals and KPIs

Your business should identify adequate right price points for customers by segmenting them based on past transactions. Through that data, make them offers they cannot refuse! 

Consumers generally have a good idea of how much they want to spend on items, regardless of their purchasing power. Segmenting them for targeted offers will lead to increased conversions, and eventually, your holiday season average order value.

Holiday seasons drive people to buy products and/or services at higher rates than usual. During those times, business has a perfect opportunity to make more profits and boost sales.

Generally speaking, the more customers your business successfully attract, engage, close and delight during the holiday season, the more likely they will be back in ensuing seasons. This is essentially the goal of an inbound marketing campaign!

Customers are the most important components to you as an ecommerce business. If you can develop and maintain good relationships with them, your business will be able to generate genuine brand ambassadors, and further increase its customer base. 

These inbound marketing strategies during festivities are bound to build-up and strengthen your relationship with consumers.

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