Ethical Advertising Through Inbound Marketing

For a long, long time, marketing was about talking at consumers; now it’s about talking with them. In 2016, consumers aren’t listening when you talk at them anymore, though. Now, advertising is about starting a conversation.

Content marketing works because it’s about a consensual relationship between business and consumer; it is an honest exchange of value. Ethical advertising doesn’t just take from the consumer; it’s gives back.


The key to inbound marketing is honesty; the reason it has been so successful is that clients don’t feel like they’re being pressured into choosing your business. Instead, they are able to get to know your business by slowly gathering the information.

When you allow consumers to make their own decision, you show them that you’re confident about your business.

When you give people the information they need about your brand and let them make their own decision, you’re showing them you care about their comfort more than their pocketbooks. The more transparent you are with them, the more trust is built.

Trust is the key to great client relationships, and that is the key to sustainable revenue.

Building Relationships Ethically, always.

The advent of the internet has given advertisers the opportunity to spread awareness about branding more than ever before. For a business to survive in this market, they will need a branding plan.

That’s because your clients want to know who they’re buying from. They want to know that the money they’re spending is going into pockets they can trust.

The same thing can be said for any interpersonal relationship; no one wants to feel like you’re using them. When you take the time to get to know a client, or give them the opportunity to get to know you, that builds trust.

When you nurture relationships in this way, they can blossom into something your customers can believe in.

Surplus Value

The final thing that makes inbound marketing the most ethical way to market is that it adds value to your client’s lives. Whether it is entertainment value, educational value, or some other sort, by adding to their lives, both parties are rewarded.

The money that you were spending on advertising anyway, doubles as a free bonus to your clients.

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