Inbound Marketing Pricing

Social Starter

$ 900
Per Month
  • Marketing roadmap
  • Identify Buyer Personas
  • Keyword Research
  • 20 Social Media Posts
  • 1 Monthly Email Campaign
  • Lead generation tracking

Intro to Inbound

$ 3,000
Per Month
  • Create and Implement an inbound marketing roadmap
  • Identify Buyer Personas
  • Identify keywords
  • Monthly progress review (Analytics, Strategy, Goal Strategy)
  • Reviews done on weekly basis
  • Weekly social media post
  • 1 Blog post per week
  • 1 backlink per month
  • 1 Monthly email campaign
  • 1 Custom Infographic per month
  • Implementation of 1 CTA and Landing Page per Quarter

Inbound Galore

$ 5,000
Per Month
  • Create and Implement an inbound marketing roadmap
  • Identify Buyer Personas
  • Identify keywords
  • Monthly progress review (Analytics, Strategy, Goal Strategy)
  • Reviews done twice a week
  • Lead generation tracking
  • Daily social media post
  • 2 Blogs per week
  • 2 Backlinks per month
  • 2 Monthly email campaign
  • 1 Premium Content per month
  • Implementation of 2 CTA and Landing Page per Quarter
  • Partial website development and management
  • 1 Custom Chatbot installed on your website in partnership with

Inbound Guru

$ 8,000
Per Month
  • Create and Implement an inbound marketing roadmap
  • Identify Buyer Personas
  • Identify keywords
  • Monthly progress review (Analytics, Strategy, Goal Strategy)
  • Reviews done three times per week
  • Lead generation tracking
  • Daily social media post
  • 4 Blogs per week
  • 4 Backlinks per month
  • 4 Monthly email campaign
  • 2 Premium Content per month
  • Implementation of 3 CTA and Landing Page per Quarter
  • Full website development and management
  • 1 Custom Animated Explainer Video in partnership with every month
  • 1 Custom Chatbot installed on your website in partnership with

It is a Marathon, Not a Race

In the Digital Age, Inbound Marketing is becoming the standard in the industry. It has undoubtedly superseded Outbound Marketing, especially considering that the latter approach relies on intrusive methods, and is generally thought of as a rapid, almost effortless way to reach out to new customers. 

Inbound Marketing does not work that way. It is thought of as a magnet, whilst Outbound Marketing can be compared to a hammer. Inbound Marketing is all about building relationships, and throughout the process, it is the customers that are in control as they are driven further down the Marketing funnel.

inbound marketing pricing funnel

There are several measures that your business must take as part of a comprehensive, extensive, customer-centric Inbound strategy.

For instance:

  • They must be specific, attainable, realistic, all within a reasonable timeframe.

They are semi-fictional representations of your business’ ideal customers based on market research, the industry that your company operates in, customer preferences etc.

That is based on your personas, in a way that identifies their purchasing problems and convinces them that your company’s products and services solve those problems. A content marketing strategy should be diversified and multi-faceted: It involves posting blogs, e-books, videos, webinars…

While constant content creation allows your business’ official website to have a higher SERP ranking, an all-encompassing SEO strategy is much more than that. For example, keyword research is an essential step for SEO optimization. It is the process of using a specific verbiage that caters to the needs of your business’ target audience. Another key step is the implementation of Call-to-action, or CTA buttons, which prompts the user to make a decision. For example, a CTA can be: “Sign Up”, “Start”, “Subscribe to our newsletter” etc.

What Does Organic Lead Generation Mean?

Organic leads are prospects who find your business by searching for a product, service via digital mediums such as: Your business website, a search engine, or pages on social media platforms.More often than not, these leads and prospects do not know about your business’ products and/or services before they perform an online search.

Organic lead generation is of paramount importance in terms of developing a sound, successful Inbound Marketing Strategy. There is simply no way a prospect can be converted into a paying customer without organic lead generation. It will attract more valuable prospects towards your business, and they are more likely to purchase a product or a service from your business compared to regular prospects. 

There are several ways through which your business can drive up organic lead generation, here are some examples:

Understanding Your Audience:

Identifying the right audience for your business is the first step towards generating more organic traffic leads. When your business understands who the target audience is, you will know how to get them interested in the products and services that it offers. Hence the creation of the aforementioned buyer personas. Creating these personas allow your business to appeal to people with what intrigues them the most about it. Some key metrics can be established when it comes to creating those personas, such as: Demographics, Online behavior, Purchasing Habits, Average Household income. When your business knows who you’re targeting, it can figure out how to target them.

Content Creation:

Content creation is one of the quintessential strategies in terms of driving up organic lead generation. Basically, your business posts blogs, articles, videos and webinars in order to share useful information with the target audience. Creating content means that you are providing your audience with the knowledge that they seek, which will address their pain points. As a result, content creation will position your business as a figure of authority within the industry it is involved in. Consequently, prospects are encouraged to check out your business.

Creating a Website and Simplifying Navigation:

Organic Lead Generation and establishing an online presence are inextricably linked together. Creating a website is the first key step towards building an Inbound Marketing Strategy as a whole. After that, the key is to enable the prospects to navigate through the website in a smooth and seamless way. The last thing your target audience wants to do is struggling to find information about your business on the webpages. If navigation is too difficult to use, organic lead generation will definitely be hindered. Your navigation needs a landing page and broad headings that encompass numerous topics below them. For example, your business can contain generic headings such as: “About Us”, “Products”, “Services”. These broad headings allow your business to organize your information into categories below the heading. This helps your audience in terms of guiding them directly towards what they need. Smooth and clear web navigation increase organic lead generation for your business because prospects easily find your information and remain on your pages longer.

Organic Lead Generation is an extremely valuable component of Inbound Marketing, and will enable your business to grow and expand its online reach, and by extension, boost conversion rates and ROI.

Why is the Contract for 8 Months? Can We Cancel Before That Time?

Whilst a smartly-executed Inbound Marketing strategy is cost-effective, highly-scalable and is bound to reap huge benefits for your company, it must be perceived as a long-term strategy from the get-go.

It is mainly about developing meaningful relationships with prospects, getting them to read your content, following you on social media platforms and connecting with you. Creating content on a regular basis is a lengthy process. Users usually will not notice it before you possess an extensive archive. 

Your online presence also needs to be optimized, hence having a clear and methodical SEO strategy. Your content library and how it is structured and organized, alongside the overall user experience, is what will enable your website to be effectively crawled and indexed by search engines, which will increase your business’ chances of appearing in the very first pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Your business is free to cancel the contract at any given timeframe, but an Inbound strategy is meant to be a long-term solution that will organically attract potential customers to your business. They pay attention to your business out of their own volition, and once they are converted into paying customers, their loyalty towards your brand will be very strong!