Case Study:

Table of Contents is a Canada-based, B2B-oriented video production company that provides audiovisual solutions to businesses of all sizes. These solutions enable them to reduce operational costs, attract more leads organically, and convert them to paying customers. As a market expert, provide innovative yet cost-effective video content, with customers receiving a top-notch customer service experience. 

Their clientele include: Hershey’s,, the City of Mississauga, among others. required a brand-new, prospect-oriented, customer-centric, and lead-generating website. Furthermore, required a website that was search engine optimized, equipped with high-quality content, and capable of lead data capture.

The Challenge was looking for different ways to effectively market and expand their services, and enlarge their customer base. website, while it included useful content, was not enough from a quantity standpoint. The content was also not optimized for specific keyword terms relating to the business’ services.

Moreover, the type of video services offered did not cater to larger market segments. 

Last but not least, the website’s design and color palette were bland and outdated. The website itself could not be accessed across multiple platforms, and had zero backlinks, which severely affected its Search-Engine Ranking Page, or SERP.

All these factors put together, led to the website not generating enough organic traffic, and not capturing enough leads, thus not generating adequate brand awareness.

What Did


Website development with growth-driven design using an Inbound Marketing Strategy worked to develop a complete Inbound Strategy for

This included a complete website and redesign, development and optimization, content creation, and Search-Engine Optimization. 

The team initially produced a comprehensive Gantt chart to detail every individual aspect of the website’s Inbound program, thereby providing with a clear timeline plan. then developed a cross-platform accessible website, which included a brand-new logo and livelier colors.


Content Creation: Increase in Services offered initial service package only included the following: Custom Animated Explainer Videos, Corporate Explainer Videos, Startup Explainer videos, and E-learning Explainer Videos. split the services page into two main categories: Video Styles and Video Types.

The Video Types included the following: Infographic Videos, Interactive Videos, Whiteboard Animated Videos, Animated Videos and Live-Action Videos. 

The Video Styles were: Tutorial Videos, Sales Videos, Social Media Videos, Demo Videos, Motion Graphics Videos, Customer Service Videos, Explainer Videos, Corporate Videos, and Training Videos. created a separate page for each element and inserted a multitude of backlinks that led the pages to become interconnected with each other, thereby providing a better explanation of the service. also included keywords pertaining to Video Marketing such as: retention rates, animation, images, engagement etc.  which boost the website’s SEO rankings.


Content Creation: Blogs developed blog page.

2 Educational and keyword-optimized blog articles were created and posted on a weekly basis.

These blogs served to educate website’s visitors about the importance of using adequate video marketing campaigns and the benefits it can provide for businesses. Content also included relevant data extracted from reliable studies. 


Social Media pages

In addition to website redesign and development, content creation and SEO, provided DPS with social media services to generate more brand awareness.

Although did create social media pages across multiple networks, they were not adequately used to capture more leads and generate more traffic to the website.  Additionally, the company made minimal use of said pages. initiated a proactive social media campaign that included daily posts and creative designs made in-house. also included these design captions and short sentences that showcased objectives, and the message the company is trying to convey to prospective customers. 

The Results

The website’s redesign alongside its inclusion of more than a 100 backlinks, the optimization of social media use, and the continuous production of quality content enabled to exponentially increase qualified sales leads for their service. 

As a result of the overhaul undertaken by web traffic and the number of qualified leads grew by 37% and 24% respectively 6 months after the launch of the new website. 

In conclusion, an Inbound Marketing approach is a cost-effective and beneficial strategy that informs, educates, and valorizes the visitors, and will organically convert them into leads, and then into buying customers