Inbound Marketing: Delight Stage

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Your business was able to generate awareness, attracted a lead and successfully nurtured them through the funnel. However, several Inbound Marketing experts consider that there are only 3 stages in the buyer’s journey. We, at, disagree with that assessment.

The Delight Stage is perhaps the most overlooked stage of the whole Inbound Marketing process. Business growth and increased market share inherently come from several factors, such as referrals, and sales from established customers.

It costs businesses 6 to 7 times more to attract new customers than to retain an existing one. Existing customers are substantial drivers of your business’ growth and prosperity.

When it comes to adopting an Inbound Strategy, delighting and consistently engaging with them is of paramount importance to sustain growth. Therefore, the goal during that stage is to strengthen customer loyalty towards your brand. A happy customer base will definitely encourage them to share their experience with their friends and acquaintances, thereby boosting your business’ exposure, reach and reputation.

You delight them by following up with more relevant and timely information that will help them in the future. 

Several methods can come in handy to ensure customer delight:


Post-Purchase Follow-Up

Your business can make a difference by following up with the customers. For instance, ask them for an honest and transparent product review. Send them a notification via his contact details to signal when and from where their items have shipped. Recommend them for complimentary products. Furthermore, in the event that a customer has bought a product in the post and hasn’t bought anything since, reach out to them.  These small steps bolster customer loyalty and entice them into coming back.


Email and Marketing Automation

Email and Marketing Automation constitute an excellent medium to consistently converse and engage with your customer base. Through this Inbound strategy, you can send your customers invitations to certain events. This tactic can provide you with a great opportunity to interact with your customers face-to-face. Additionally, sending newsletter updates will keep your customers in the loop regarding your business.


Social Media Engagement Strategy

Your business can use social media platforms to monitor customers, find out where they are and what they are saying about you. As an Inbound Marketing Strategy, it is a very efficient way to keep the relationship fresh, and provide an attentive customer service. Moreover, this engagement strategy gives the customers that are purchasing your products and services a much-needed valuation.


Special Offers

Nothing solidifies brand loyalty more than special offers to established paying customers. For example, reach out to your customers on their holiday and offer a free product or a substantial discount. There are also special occasions when you can make a purchasing invitation, such as the anniversary of a customer’s first purchase.


Content Library Creation

As previously stated, Content is king, no matter at what stage the buyer is at. As far as the Delight stage is concerned, adding to your business’ content and keeping it in a platform that can be easily accessed and shared by your customers is key. Your customers can adequately show you off and make referrals through sharing the content that you have created. Furthermore, as a business, you want to be in-tune and in-sync with your audience by providing fresh and relevant content that keeps them in the loop.



One of the most common and direct ways to find out what your customers want is outright ask them. With concise and succinct surveys, your business can tap into the mindset of your buyers and use that data to guide your future marketing efforts. 

The Delight Stage completes the Inbound Marketing cycle.

Delight is thus a very important step in the Inbound Marketing process as a whole. It is the stage where Inbound Marketing comes into full circle.

This form of marketing is customer-centric. The customer is all that matters. Just because they have already purchased your products, does not mean your business can simply forget about them.

Growing your current customer base into happy promoters of your company should also be very important.

We at, specialize in implementing Inbound Marketing Strategies. We believe that your business should give this stage as much effort as the other three. Amplify your Inbound Marketing Services. Make it your priority to continue engaging your customers, finding out about their needs if they have changed or not, and meet them digitally and personally.