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Marketing has existed alongside businesses for centuries, and as businesses evolve, marketing has to follow suit. As the world transitioned from analog to digital, marketing also did, and one of the ways this manifested is with new forms, such as inbound marketing, but, what is inbound marketing? How does it work? What is a good option for an inbound marketing agency for a b2b company? has you covered.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a young marketing strategy that relies on content in order to bring in customers in a non-intrusive, effective way. This utilizes things like blogs or SEO to reach people without non-effective aggressive marketing tactics. Inbound marketing doesn’t only introduce prospects to your brand, but also accompanies them on their buying journey, slowly converting them into leads, until they become paying customers, and it even accompanies them after their purchase. LetsMarket.It is the best b2b inbound marketing agency currently. With our massive experience as a b2b inbound marketing agency, we are guaranteed to help you boost your brand and sales. 

How does inbound marketing work?

The way inbound marketing is very simple, as it goes through 4 steps, from the first second a prospect finds out about your brand, to what follows the buying stage. These 4 steps are: Attract, Engage, Close, and Delight. All these stages serve the same purpose of providing the clients with an ideal buying experience, and lets them build a connection with you through meaningful content like blogs, chatbots, CTAs, and much much more. Each stage utilizes different types of content according to its goal. Continue reading in order to discover more about each stage, and how our b2b inbound marketing agency can help you boost your business. If you own a b2b saas firm, we are also ready with a lot of experience as a b2b saas inbound marketing agency.

The 4 stages of inbound marketing

Attract: This stage is where it all begins. Your clients are looking for answers to questions or problems that they are facing. A b2b inbound marketing agency helps you by attracting customers to your business instead of others. Through content like blogs, eBooks, webinars, and more, you can answer their questions, and show them that your b2b saas firm has the solution. A b2b saas inbound marketing agency massively helps with curating the perfect content to achieve that.


Engage: The next step your inbound marketing agency for a b2b company works on is Engage. This step focuses on offering content that your prospects will connect with after they’ve shown interest in your b2b company. The content will address many issues your prospects will have, and it plays an important role in turning them into leads so that they become paying customers later on. Some of the content types used in this stage include: Call-to-Action, Social Media Campaigns, and a lot more. If you own a b2b company, hiring us as your b2b inbound marketing agency will help you succeed in engaging your prospects.


Close: This is the stage where you will see the inbound marketing doing its magic. Now, your leads will turn into paying customers, and for that, your inbound marketing agency for a b2b company will utilize content like SEO and blogs in order to convince your clients to seal the deal and choose you! The content’s focus will switch from simply attracting your clients to convincing them of your solutions.


Delight: You thought the stages are over when the buying stage is done? Wrong! One of the most important aspects of inbound marketing is the Delight stage, and if you’re a b2b saas company, hiring an inbound marketing agency for a b2b company will help you a lot. In this stage, content such as follow-up emails, tutorial videos, and chatbots for technical support are both important parts of delighting your clients and making their experience like no other!


What is the inbound marketing agency for a b2b company?

When the average person thinks of a business, they imagine themselves buying a burger from McDonalds, or a latte from your local coffee shop. Where do these businesses get the products to make the items you’re purchasing? That’s where a B2B company comes in. B2B firms cooperate with other companies, providing them with the necessary goods, such as materials, or services, like maintenance. 

Why do you need to hire inbound marketing agency for a b2b company? 

The world has currently become very dependent on the internet. Virtually everything is done there, and with COVID-19, this reinforced the internet’s role in keeping things rolling. For B2B companies to market themselves well, they need to keep up with that. In order to get there, Inbound Marketing is the answer. Inbound Marketing’s focus on the internet, and marketing companies through content, mixes well with the current climate of dependence on the world wide web. Inbound Marketing isn’t only the best marketing strategy for the online world, but it also introduces you to the best clients you can get, without intruding on their experience. The strategies employed in inbound marketing from SEO, to CTAs, to content marketing, all of these contribute greatly in increasing your sales.

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