How Animated Explainer Videos Enhance Your Inbound Marketing Approach

Videos have become an integral part of our lives. Thanks to the availability of high-quality cameras in all smartphones, everyone has become a videographer. However, when it comes to marketing, not every type of video is as effective as animated explainer videos. There are many reasons why marketers consider animated explainer videos as their top choice for inbound marketing.

Animated Explainer Videos and Their Impact on Inbound Marketing

Let us first define what is an animated explainer video!

It is a short animated video which explains about a business in a simplified manner. The idea behind creation of animated business videos is to better engage online visitors through the use of attractive and appealing visuals.

Animated Explainer Videos Better Help Convert Online Visitors

When it comes to pitching a product, there are not many ways for us to pitch the same product in a perfect manner every single time. Thus, the use of animated explainer videos allows us to create that one pitch perfected for all the customers. This single video delivers the same message with the perfect pitch and efficacy to keep delivering great inbound marketing results for online businesses. When human beings have already reached an attention span lower than that of a goldfish, only an attractive instrument of marketing and engagement like an explainer video can help inbound marketers.

Explainer Videos Help Turn Leads into Customers

There are many elements which make animated explainer videos great advocates of your product or service. The ability to tell a story with great visuals increases the chances of online leads to convert into customers from 10% to 80%. The use of lovable characters better connects with the audiences, removing any biasedness that we humans have for each other. Some businesses also use videos in their email marketing to further increase engagement and better convert leads into customers.

Viral Explainer Videos Help Customers Become Brand Ambassadors

It is not easy for textual content to become viral. However, well thought out videos significantly improve the chances of an animated explainer video to go viral. It is easy to share with the share button on every video publishing website. Also, the viewers can like the video and even leave a comment, letting everyone else in their social media network know that they have suggested them to watch a video.

For Inbound Marketing Experts, Animated Videos Attract More Website Traffic

The attraction of new visitors is one of the main challenges faced by online businesses. Google is always looking to share the most interesting and informative content online. Since the level of competition is extremely intense for the textual content. However, the level of competition in video marketing is a lot less competitive when compared to blog posts. Thus, animated explainer videos help websites stand out from their competition. Search engines consider videos as one of the most interesting forms of content. All major video sharing websites provide the opportunity to add “Video Title”, “Video Description” and “Video tags”, further increasing the chances for a website to rank better on search engines. creates audience-centric animated explainer videos. Some of the organizations we collaborated with include the City of Mississauga, Hershey’s Kisses, and Are you ready to discuss your next animated explainer video project? We’d love to hear from you! Call us at +1-647-948-9393 or drop an email

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