Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency

Hiring an inbound marketing agency

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Given the fact that we are in the age of major technological advancement, it is only fair that marketing strategies evolve too. This highlighted the launch of inbound marketing, by HubSpot co-founder and CEO Brian Halligan in 2005. Since then, the inbound marketing method has been used by thousands of business owners worldwide who are looking to better their companies.

Due to this evolution, many companies have realized that they themselves are unable to create and maintain an effective inbound marketing strategy. This is where inbound marketing agencies come into play. They help your organization with all that is related to inbound marketing, while also keeping you in the loop and giving you the correct tools and instructions to maintain your strategy in the future.

Think of inbound marketing agencies as a nursery for your business. They help shape it into a company that trusts and believes in its prospective customers and clients to bring themselves in because of the inbound method. 

Choosing a proper inbound marketing agency that fits your company is arguably the most crucial and important step in the whole process. Finding the right fit for you can be a challenging and time-consuming process, this is why this post is to guide you through and shed light on this milestone.

How to Choose an Inbound Marketing Agency

Nowadays, there are a plethora of different inbound marketing agencies to choose from which makes finding the right fit for your business increasingly difficult. Since the internet is now widely available to almost everyone, a simple google search is enough to be able to start up your inbound marketing agency choosing process. 

We know that finding the right fit for you can be challenging, especially since there’s no “one-size-fits-all.” So, what should you keep in mind when looking for an inbound marketing agency to work with?

  1. Area/s of expertise.
    Sector specialization must not be the only determinant in your selection, yet it should be taken into account. When studying a possible inbound agency, look for familiarity with your industry or a broad enough grasp of other sectors to swiftly accommodate for your particular concerns.
  1. Garnered results.
    Browse for case studies on the agency’s website and request outcomes that are relevant to your company or industry. Some agencies might not make public the statistical representation of their work for different clients, but case studies highlighting the process and written results do the trick.
  1. How their own company is marketed.
    How can you trust an inbound agency to execute a commendable project for you if they can’t develop a smart plan for themselves? Examine your potential agency’s publications (website) and social media platforms. Are they  visually appealing, informative, well-executed (written, organized…), and functional?
  1. Pricing.
    While some agencies have their pricings listed on their websites, others don’t. However, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact them and ask for pricing details and justification for said pricing. In principle, inbound marketing service costs range between $4K to $15K a month, and reputable agencies typically address all aspects of an inbound marketing campaign. 
  1. Onboarding process.
    You need to know what’s coming during the initial few months of your collaboration with an inbound marketing agency. You also should know how the onboarding procedure will unfold. This is especially critical if you have involved stakeholders in the organization who are looking for returns.

After an extensive search, you should have a list of agencies to choose from. The next step is to go on each agency’s website and begin looking through their content and case studies to see which agency on your list could be a potential match for you and your business.

The next step is to schedule a call or a meeting with the person in charge of your business and their inbound marketing agency to be able to properly connect with them on a personal level and to see if their interpersonal and management skills are a right fit for yourself. 

Then, you have to contact the list of inbound marketing agencies that you have short-listed to get a quotation or proposal to see the framework process and pricing for their services. A rule of thumb is that a good inbound marketing agency should have a solid inbound marketing strategy themselves. Since you are soliciting the help of an expert, you should be able to distinguish and point out their inbound marketing abilities from the get-go. 

Finally, you should have around two to three options remaining at most. Then it’s up to you and the people you work with to make a decision about which agency to hire. This step is based on your own personal likes and dislikes, and should not be influenced by anything other than your inbound marketing needs and your thoughts on the agencies you contacted.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is the Mona Lisa of marketing techniques. The inbound method consists of promoting a business or service in a way that is minimally intrusive and specific to a group of like-minded people.

Inbound marketing provides an excellent way of getting your information across multiple channels whilst maintaining a robust brand identity. Social media and personalized email marketing campaigns are a few channels to use when trying out inbound marketing. 

In a nutshell, inbound marketing is a promotional method that heavily values and relies on the audience it is being presented to. This approach entices and intrigues potential customers, and transforms them into stable leads and buyers without being incredibly forward and annoying.

The inbound technique presents a unique and fresh approach to buyers due to its very personalized nature, thus making people feel more comfortable with the idea of subscribing to a service or buying a specific product. 

Most companies nowadays are seeking the help of inbound marketing agencies because of the steep decline in outbound marketing’s efficiency, resulting in an increase in sales and revenue.

Inbound marketing Agencies

An inbound marketing agency is a company that specializes in aiding other people and businesses in fulfilling their Inbound desires. These agencies bring together technology and tools, as well as personal industry knowledge and personal experience, to aid their clients in targeting the correct audience and keeping them engaged throughout the buyer’s journey. 

Demand generation experts, content developers, and marketing automation specialists, are among the skilled individuals they engage to assist clients in achieving their objectives. An inbound marketing agency works in tandem with you to properly achieve your goals, and should not be chosen lightly.

One should properly research all available inbound marketing agencies near them and consult with different agencies before choosing the one they would want to work with, due to the fact that your inbound marketing ideals have to align with theirs, and because you are going to be spending a lot of time with them, so pick someone you get along with on a business and personal level.

What does an Inbound Marketing Agency Do?

Inbound marketing agencies provide organizations with the digital marketing expertise and resources they need to engage today’s prospects and convert them into future customers. An inbound agency works with clients to align their people, platforms, and processes in order to use the inbound technique to attract, engage and delight their clients.

An inbound approach has a lot of moving parts, which is why picking an agency to work with is both overwhelming and relieving at the same time. The easiest approach to understanding what an inbound agency does is to consider each team involved in making inbound a success at your company, as well as their roles and duties in relation to your inbound strategy.

Doing this should help you understand what you’ll need to do if you’re planning on implementing an inbound strategy at your organization, as well as why you might want to request the help of an agency.

How Does an Inbound Marketing Agency Help You Reach Your Goals?

Inbound marketing agencies specialize in helping businesses reach their full marketing potential due to the fact that they themselves have specialists in-house that work on but are not limited to, SEO, social media management, and content writing. 

Inbound marketing agencies work closely with their clients in order to develop an inbound marketing strategy that suits and appeases both ends. Since you are asking for their help, you have a say in what goes and what doesn’t. These agencies properly set up plans and goals alongside the business owner in order to keep both sides happy and comfortable.

An inbound marketing agency will help your business in terms of bettering your exposure and attracting more leads and eventually delighting them and turning them into returning customers. 

While closely following and monitoring the different stages of inbound marketing, these agencies also take care to alter your websites and make them more attractive to viewers whilst maintaining and bettering their marketing abilities. 

Finally, these inbound marketing agencies will also help you on a personal level. That is in the sense that they will give you the tools and means necessary for you to further your inbound marketing abilities and knowledge, while also boosting your sales numbers and revenue, rendering you a proper example that inbound marketing does indeed work. 

Final Thoughts

Inbound marketing agencies are an incredible tool that aids and better many companies using the inbound method. They focus on marketing your business to appear to not only care about meeting your sales quotas but actually value your customers making you an excellent business owner.

These agencies not only help you with the visual aspects of your company, but they also work thoroughly on the technical details of the inbound marketing strategy that was agreed upon.

Working with an inbound marketing agency is extremely beneficial for you in the long run as the efficiency and use of outbound marketing have steeply declined over the years rendering it null and of limited use. 

Therefore, investing in a fully qualified team of people to help you is much better than trying and failing to use the inbound method yourself. Inbound marketing agencies have proven themselves to be one of the most effective and brilliant methods of introducing the inbound marketing method to your business. 

Finding the proper firm to partner with may be daunting for organizations trying to expand through inbound marketing. Many businesses appear to be appealing from a distance. But if you select the incorrect one, you may not know they’re not what they seem until you’re well in the weeds.

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