Hiring a Good Law Firm Marketing Agency and How to Easily Find “The One”

In our digital era, law firms have a plethora of options that they have not had before. When it comes to legal marketing, capturing qualified leads, or advertising their firm via law firm marketing agency is of utmost importance.

To take upon marketing for law firms is a valuable method for lawyer marketing; it optimizes brand awareness, attracts and engages both clients and prospects, as well as building online marketing for law firms’ presence. A law firm digital agency gets you results through a full spectrum of marketing digital services from law firm marketing strategy planning, to creating campaigns and unique enhancements. 

What should you look for when hiring a law firm marketing agency?

Law firm digital marketing has gone through brilliant changes in the past decade. The internet alone became a crucial part of the buyer’s journey for legal marketing.
Starting with word of mouth. People are always recommending this and that. However, some all-in-one marketing agencies can do it all. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your homework. When you put your eye on a potential law firm marketing agency, you will be meeting with the team to see their viewpoints regarding law firm marketing strategies for your business. A number of techniques must be used to know whether this legal marketing agency can provide what is necessary.

Law firm Marketing

Your law firm marketing agency should be able to design a website, representing your area of expertise. Whether you’re a bankruptcy attorney or custody attorney, your law firm agency must make sure visitors do not get frustrated as they navigate through your website to determine what your practice is. Legal marketing agencies cover that when building your website.


Your law firm marketing agency should be able to create content portraying your expertise and create relevant content regularly on your website. Further, law firm marketing agencies should submit legal content that is informative and helpful for potential clients that have various benefits.
Further, they should create inbound marketing campaigns with particular content, such as newsletters to maximize your client base, utilize social media to generate leads, etc.

Firstly, inbound marketing attracts prospects to your law firm via your content marketing, social media marketing, and brand awareness.
Powerful content establishes brand awareness, exhibiting your law firm’s value, which consequently draws visitors to your website.
Content isn’t only about blogging and articles. It also includes case studies, marketing videos, newsletter articles that provide interesting material, FAQs, and more.
All of this leads us to brand awareness; it will attract potential, and willing clients to submit personal information in exchange for your content which in return benefits your law firm because it makes it easier to know your client’s preference, and how they interact with your firm; it also improves your client database so that you reach out for them in the future about various opportunities. Moreover, it allows you to personify your newsletters, and so forth. Once that happens, you got yourself a valuable client base.

Social Media

Your law firm marketing agency should create and manage your social media platforms. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, it’s simply the norm now.
If you are aiming for the general public, then your law firm marketing agency must provide you with a Facebook page to connect with users effectively. Legal marketing agencies should build a LinkedIn page, precisely if you aim to attract business clients and other big firms. Once you connect with your potential clients, your law firm marketing agency must display your expertise, show your personality and raise your social proof and credibility. This will definitely generate leads and help your firm flourish.

Client Reviews

Your law firm marketing agency should have the ability to create a client review section, on your website, when will build more trust and credibility towards your law firm. Law firm marketing strategies focus on that part as well. People often tend to check reviews and ratings on Facebook, and all of your social media platforms. Having a section on your website with your client reviews, whether as written content or a short video would generate more leads.

Case studies

Your law firm marketing agency should post case studies as they are a valuable asset to your website. They allow visitors to comprehend the work you do and what approach you use, as an attorney/law firm. Case studies illustrate your firm’s success with clients; showcasing praiseworthy work with proven value, sets you apart from other competitors. Briefly, case studies build trust with your website visitors. A well-executed case study, whether as written content or video, will help your prospects view your journey to success. Case studies can be posted on multiple platforms; they are very concise and specific to the subject, which makes it a potential candidate for ranking high in search engines.

Video Marketing

Your law firm marketing agency should utilize video marketing. There are numerous kinds of videos one can utilize for law firms: Explainer videos, training videos, how-to videos, corporate videos, whiteboard animation videos, and the list goes on.
In 2021, it’s more than important to implement video marketing as part of your law firm marketing strategy. According to this infographic, you are 53 times more likely to feature on Google’s first page once you include a video on either your website or social media. Better yet, both!
Legal marketing agencies create brief, apt, amusing yet informative videos that will stay with your clients much longer than regular content. It’s stimulating, engaging, and compelling. Lawyer marketing, along with any other business, will win clients when using interactive videos, specifically for those who don’t enjoy reading lengthy content. It will give your brand a personality.


Your law firm marketing agency should set up a newsletter campaign as part of your law firm marketing strategy.
Believe it or not, newsletters are highly crucial for legal marketing. In spite of the hysterical social media trend today, email still is one of the most efficient tools to reach both existing and potential clients.
As a matter of fact, approximately 60% of marketers say that email is their grandest source of ROI.
Staying in touch with clients and showing them that you care improves your law firm marketing. Your legal marketing agency could send them an ebook, legal news, interesting articles, snippets of your blog post, the sky’s the limit. Your legal marketing agency will convey your brand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your law firm marketing agency should focus on SEO. Briefly, SEO is the process of content optimization for it to rank on search engines. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you are to get attention by attracting prospects and existing clients. So why is SEO so important for marketing in general? It is an integral part of digital marketing due to people’s trillions of searches yearly. Search engine is the key source of digital traffic that complements your brand’s other marketing channels; increased visibility and higher ranking in search results that your competition can have a great impact on your business.
On any given day, users may conduct more than 2.2 million searches and that is only on Google.
Therefore, appearing on Google can be a great factor for a thriving business.
SEO needs continuous maintenance and updating of both old and new content, emphasizing topics of interest, using strong technical SEO techniques, and constant measurement of data analytics in order to monitor competition and trends in site traffic. Your law firm marketing agency must do just that.
On the other hand, SEO for lawyers consists of strategies, techniques, and tactics helping attract more prospects to a law firm’s website by attaining first-page ranking positions in various search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
75% of users never go past Google’s first page and 93% of online experiences start with using a search engine.
Other reasons your law firm marketing strategy must include SEO is to reduce bounce rate, make your website mobile-friendly, keeping it uncluttered and easy on the eyes.

Build & Optimize Landing Page

Your law firm marketing agency will ensure to make your landing page a priority legal marketing. This is what your leads see first, and where you initiate the process of converting them into leads. Besides introducing your attorneys, lawyers, firm, and providing informative content, everything must be written professionally to inspire a certain action. Moreover, everything must be SEO optimized for more prospects to enter your website and view the landing page which has specific keywords, such as “immigration lawyer”, and so on.

How to find “the one”?

Once you finally decide upon a law firm marketing agency, and you’re positive, taking all of the above into serious consideration, you have to ask yourself another series of questions.
So you’ve met with the legal marketing agency, exchanged concepts and ideas. You need to know for sure, without a shadow of a doubt, if this law firm marketing agency is “the one”. Not everything is just concepts and ideas.

Buyer Persona & Pain Points

First, ask yourself if your ideas align perfectly with theirs. You have to be on the same page, and if you believe you are, then it’s a good sign.
Your law firm marketing strategy must work on your buyer persona; not all lawyers are the same, have the same goals, or want to convey the same picture to their audience.
Just like any other business, you want to stand out in legal marketing. Therefore, creating a buyer persona for your website is utterly substantial for online marketing for law firms.
It is not an easy process. Yet once the law firm marketing agency truly understands, via research and your meetings together, your prospects’ pain points, pursuits, and needs, only then it gets easier to specify your lawyer marketing buyer persona. Hence, they can move to the next step of your online marketing for law firms.

Passion & Determination

Throughout this entire process, you can sense if the law firm marketing agency is doing all this for you simply as a job, in a monotonous manner, or whether they are as excited and passionate about this project as you are.
Give and take, ask for advice, and see whether they offer better solutions or share different concepts.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) & Return On Investment (ROI)

Probably one of the most critical parts of any digital marketing is KPI. Your law firm marketing agency needs to track numbers and see results first-hand. By doing so, website traffic must be monitored periodically, checking how many users viewed your content, watched your videos, and got familiar with your brand. Same thing for all social media platforms. How many reactions, shares, viewers, and so forth. This is what makes your legal marketing successful. Your legal marketing agency should make sure to fixate on all that.
ROI is the next best thing, where your legal marketing firm can track how much profit all this parade has brought you and them as an agency as well. A part of law firm marketing strategies is to check your ROI day in and day out to know the progress and advancement of your law firm marketing.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Life Time Value (LVT)

Does your new legal marketing agency utilize CAC to calculate your total ROI? It is neither easy nor cheap to get new clients, and CAC monitors just that. Your website and social media content should constantly nurture leads via word of mouth, sharing, personal experience with your firm, and so on. LVT evaluates the time your client has utilized your legal marketing services. 

Hiring just the perfect law firm marketing agency is a tough job. It’s all a matter of tailoring the law firm marketing strategy to customers and other lawyer marketing they are competing against.
All of the above should be present in your legal marketing agency to build enough trust and hire “The One,” and when you actually find “The One”, you can rely on them and do almost zero work yourself. Online marketing for lawyers is fundamental for your firm, your attorneys, and your brand in general. You want to attract potential clients and engage them in a way where they share their information. Once they do that, they have become leads and that is your closing stage, while constantly nurturing your leads because they can then be converted to paying customers. Most importantly, you must delight both, your new and old clients by providing newsletters, with free interesting content. If you can truthfully articulate that your chosen legal marketing agency can do all that, then your investment is in the right place. Check out our website. We can end up being your “One!”

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