Inbound Marketing for Healthcare

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Inbound Marketing for Healthcare

Healthcare is of paramount importance, and quite simply, one of the most basic human rights.

The concept of reaching the right people at the right time is extremely important when it comes to healthcare and those who are in need of medical attention.

There was a time when patients or prospective ones sought medical advice, or healthcare services from doctors and hospitals that were located close to their homes. Indeed, physicians often referred patients to clinics based on the geographical proximity to their communities.

The rise of the Internet and the digital marketing space that ensued has caused a paradigm shift in the Healthcare industry. Patients now surf the internet for symptoms, diagnoses, side-effects of prescription drugs, and information about doctors and hospitals. 

They now choose hospitals and physicians for what they have to offer rather than proximity. This is why medical organizations should implement healthcare inbound marketing and digital marketing plans that enable consumers to adequately find them. 

Inbound Marketing is leading the change in the customer-centric digital era. The inbound approach has proven itself to work in several industries. 75% of global organizations primarily use it, and state that inbound marketing is effective as a strategy. 

There are many reasons to believe that Inbound Marketing can efficiently apply to the Healthcare industry. Patient-centered marketing strategies are bound to reap huge benefits for your Healthcare business and brand, and said patients as well.

This is why we, at, believe that implementing a comprehensive Healthcare Inbound Marketing plan will do to your Healthcare brand a world of good. After all, Inbound Marketing extends to Inbound medical marketing.

We specialize in implementing a comprehensive Healthcare Inbound Marketing strategy for your practice. Our objective is to implement solid content marketing strategies, including, but not limited to fully integrated healthcare SEO strategy.  We aim to help your practice achieve a higher ROI, alongside providing digital marketing plans which will generate healthcare leads. In the digital era, achieving digital marketing proficiency is a necessity for your healthcare brand, not a luxury. The Team will ensure that all the necessary steps are taken in order to achieve said proficiency.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a marketing methodology that focuses on pulling people into your Healthcare brand. It is the strategy of connecting with prospects through materials and experiences they find useful.

Inbound Marketing has the ability to turn mere strangers into loyal customers through a process that guides them along the buyer’s journey through 4 stages: Attract, Engage, Close, and Delight.

The goal at this stage is to make prospects aware of your practice and the type of services it offers. At this point, they are evaluating which healthcare facility is the most suitable for their needs. You must ensure that you will address their pain points and their health concerns. To do so, there are several mediums available that are discussed below.  
At this stage, the prospects are evaluating how your business’ products and services stack up against the competition. In order to convert them to Inbound leads, you need to create your contact database to send them targeted email campaigns and reach out more personally.
If leads have arrived at this stage, then it is time for your organization to up the ante and convert them into paying customers. The decision-making process culminates at this very stage. Your organization must ensure to give the lead the proper attention they seek by the way of nurturing them.
Most industries or businesses that adopt the Inbound Marketing methodology often overlook this last stage. Any organization experiences a certain degree of growth through referrals and sales from existing customers. Delighting existing customers is of paramount importance. Your organization should make them feel special through newsletters, surveys, and further engagement.

All in all, Healthcare Inbound Marketing is a more methodical and rewarding approach than traditional forms of marketing. The latter primarily focuses on pushing a marketing message out to an audience, hoping that it will generate a response. Some traditional techniques involve: buying radio and TV ads, running print ads, buying email lists, cold-calling, billboard advertising etc. 

Healthcare Inbound Marketing is a more targeted, long-term approach. But ultimately, it will yield a bigger ROI and increase patient satisfaction.

Here are eight solutions that your organization can implement in order to form a systematic, fully-integrated, and rewarding Healthcare Inbound Marketing campaign. 

If properly implemented, both your practice and your healthcare brand will stand to benefit tremendously.

Healthcare Inbound Marketing Strategies

Inbound Marketing for SaaS / Healthcare inbound marketing Website

Healthcare Inbound Marketing – Website

Marketing your organization through Healthcare Inbound Marketing will make it easier for patients to seek you out, since they are already looking for answers online.

Ninety four per cent of healthcare patients use online reviews to evaluate providers, according to DialogTech. Reading online patient reviews is an easy first step for your audience to get a feel for your practice.

Your organization’s online presence is the first impression that helps them make a decision. It is an efficient strategy in order to make them feel that your organization really understands their concerns and you do have solutions for them. Quality is the most important asset when it comes to Inbound Healthcare Marketing and healthcare as a whole. An organized, a detailed healthcare website that contains all the information your target audience is looking for reflects that very same quality.

Patients and prospective patients are more likely to choose your organization if they find that your website contains relevant and trustworthy information. For instance, make sure that you include doctor information, credentials, and location. Patients want quickly and easily available information. 

Simply put, a healthcare website is a great place to start implementing an effective Healthcare Inbound Marketing methodology. They constitute the first access points for patients to get all the vital information before and after their appointment. 

Saas Inbound Marketing - Social Media Promotion

Healthcare Inbound Marketing – Social Media presence

As far as the digital marketing space is concerned, your organization should not limit itself to just a website. Digital marketing proficiency and Healthcare Inbound Marketing dictate that a social media presence should be established as well.

More than 40% of consumers say that information found via social media affects the way they deal with their health. One-third of consumers now use social media platforms for health-related matters.

Your organization should focus on helping prospects and patients to get better information on their health through several social media platforms. Another example of social media use for your organization lies in promoting new awards, credentials, alongside providing important updates for your patients to see.

In terms of Healthcare Inbound Marketing, conduct research to see which of these platforms patients use the most and set up accounts and pages there, the most prominent ones usually being Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This will enable your organization to reach a wider audience, and generate better results in the whole Health Inbound Marketing process.

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Healthcare Inbound Marketing - Content Creation

Setting up a website and establishing a social media presence enhance the Healthcare Inbound Marketing process by leaps and bounds. But as a process, it is not enough. In terms of implementing a Healthcare Marketing Strategy, your organization should cast the net widely. 

Strong, extensive Content Marketing Strategies is at the heart of the healthcare inbound marketing process. Patients that are researching health concerns online want detailed answers. This addresses their pain points from a Healthcare Inbound Marketing standpoint. Many healthcare organizations are still not meeting people halfway in their search for lengthy, detailed health information online. As a whole, your organization should create targeted content, in the form of blogs and op-eds for example, that answer prospects’ and patients’ questions and needs in detail.

In essence, content creation is the ultimate form of Inbound Marketing in general, and Healthcare Inbound Marketing in particular. Your organization is providing free and useful information to your audience. It is also attracting potential customers through online communication, and retaining existing customers through quality engagement. Creating and sharing content online also breathes life and adds some personality into your organization. More importantly, from a Health Inbound Marketing perspective, it gives you a chance to tell your story, to prospects and existing patients alike. 

That way, your healthcare brand reaches a larger audience, and gains more exposure in the long run. Long story short, content marketing is king!

Healthcare Inbound Marketing - SEO

From a Healthcare Inbound Marketing standpoint, Search-Engine Optimization is directly connected to your organization’s content. For instance, every time your organization writes a blog post or an op-ed, it is another indexed page to your website. Each additional page constitutes one more opportunity for your website, to show up in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo and organically increase traffic towards it.  It also offers one more clue to said search engines that your organization’s website is active, and that they should frequently verify to see what new content is being produced.

SEO is inherent to Healthcare Inbound Marketing. It allows your organization to enhance what you are already trying to provide: Quality health services. In order for a Healthcare Inbound Marketing methodology to fully materialize, search engines are simply irreplaceable. Approximately 73% of consumers use them to research treatment. SEO, however, is not an overnight process. As far as Healthcare Inbound Marketing is concerned, Search Engine Optimization is a long-term strategy that needs to be updated on a consistent basis.

Producing content without targeted keywords is an exercise in futility. Those keywords should be words or parts of sentences that prospects type on search engines in order to obtain information. Words that center around medical and healthcare terms should be included as often as possible. Your organization should implement a Healthcare Marketing Inbound Strategy that includes a list of predetermined keywords. As a consequence, your organization is bound to appear higher on Search Engine’s Results Page (SERPs), which generates more organic traffic towards the website.

Another good example of Health Inbound Marketing SEO method lies is the inclusion of geotags. Geotagging, is the process of adding geographical identification data to various media: photos, videos, websites, QR codes etc. Geotags help in letting the prospects know about your location and attracting those already within your organization’s vicinity. It is a time-efficient method that can be particularly useful for cases that require immediate and urgent medical attention.

All in all, Healthcare Inbound Marketing is about setting up digital marketing plans. A carefully designed, comprehensive Healthcare SEO strategy will allow your organization to occupy a bigger share of the digital ecosystem. A Healthcare Marketing Strategy that does not include SEO as a priority is destined to fail.

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Healthcare Inbound Marketing - Content Syndication

Whilst content creation in and of itself is the lifeblood of Inbound Marketing, regardless of the type industry, it is not enough to simply write optimized content. Inbound Marketing is multi-channel by nature. 

Not only our organization’s content should be distributed across multiple platforms, but it must be syndicated as well. In other words, having your organization’s content re-published on other, unaffiliated websites (such as a University’s department of Medicine, medical websites etc.), constitute a great way to boost online traffic. 

Perhaps more importantly, it also increases brand awareness and boosts your healthcare brand image.

All in all, having your content distributed across multiple channels, platforms and mediums, makes for a fully integrated content marketing strategy.

inbound marketing agency for ecommerce - email campaigns

Healthcare Inbound Marketing - Email marketing

Patients have often had unpleasant experiences when it comes to reaching out to doctor’s offices. Unless it’s conducted via voicemail or an appointment is booked in person, they feel as though they can’t connect with them.

As far as Healthcare Inbound Marketing is concerned, your organization can create a newsletter with healthcare tips, updates from your doctor’s offices, and ways to connect with medical practice outside the standard annual checkup. 

This is the essence of Healthcare Inbound Marketing: It enables your organization to think outside the box in order to provide solutions to prospects and patients. The aforementioned examples can go a long way in building and/or bolstering patient loyalty when it comes to them choosing a hospital and making a decision that addresses their pain points. 

Patients will not only return for services, but will also refer them to their relatives, friends, neighbors etc. should they seek medical treatment in the future. As a whole, Healthcare Inbound Marketing solutions optimize the patient experience and indirectly contribute to the increase in the number of referrals to your organization.

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Healthcare Inbound Marketing - Lead Generation

Regarding Healthcare Inbound Marketing, one key rule of thumb dictates that smart lead generation strategies focus on genuinely enabling the consumer to make smart healthcare choices. 

Generating strong healthcare leads is of paramount importance within a fully integrated healthcare digital marketing strategy.

Lead generation is the process of converting your organization’s web and social media visitors into actual leads. They are genuinely interested in your practice, your brand image, and the type of services that you offer.

As far as Healthcare Inbound Marketing goes, these prospects are most likely to become regular and loyal patients.

Your organization can implement several strategies that generate leads, for instance:

Healthcare Inbound Marketing - Video Marketing

Using videos as part of your Healthcare Inbound Marketing strategy will give your organization an invaluable edge. Marketers vouch for the effectiveness of videos because of their ability to get easily noticed, connect with the viewers, and effectively engage viewers through educational content. 

Adopting a video marketing strategy will position your organization as one of the leading experts in a particular practice, and a reliable voice in the healthcare industry.

As far as Healthcare Inbound Marketing goes, there are other advantages as well:


In conclusion, Healthcare Inbound Marketing is the best way to connect with the right audience at the right time. Marketing as a whole involves allocating a substantial budget for it.

A comprehensive and a properly implemented Healthcare Inbound Marketing strategy will provide your organization with a clearer direction. It will also reduce marketing costs and will drive tangible business results.

Perhaps more importantly, Healthcare Inbound Marketing will allow your organization to be perceived as a credible and trusted resource by your audience.

We invite you to schedule a complimentary inbound marketing assessment with our team, and we guarantee to implement a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy, at affordable and competitive rates.