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For most lawyers, generation Y is a bit of a mystery. It’s a gap that we’re seeing in professional industries across the board, but especially in industries like law. Generation Y lawyers make up less than 10% of American lawyers, but they make up nearly 30% of their business. So, unsurprisingly, many lawyers are asking themselves: how do we bridge the generation gap and bring those young people into our offices?

Well, here’s your answer! These are the 4 things you need to keep in mind to see those young faces walking through your doors:

They’re Not All About The Money

A trend that analysts are noticing is that generation Y just isn’t as concerned with money as the past generation. Not that they have less reason to be, but that it’s not a priority in their life the way it was for most of generation X. They might be working professionals, but they’re not gunning for promotions like their predecessors. Instead, they want to focus on personal pursuits, whether that’s friends, family, or hobbies.

That’s not to say they won’t be interested in getting a deal, but it does mean that being frugal isn’t necessarily their first priority. Rather than choosing your firm because you’ve offered the lowest rate, they’re more likely to choose it for having a brand identity that they feel like they want to support.

They’re Online

This almost goes without saying, but nonetheless: to reach generation Y, you’re going to need to go online. This is the generation that was raised by the internet. If they can’t find your business on Google, they aren’t likely to come in. Nearly 70% of people Google a business before they come in, and that’s the general population! To connect with generation Y, you need to have an online presence, preferably as wide-reaching as possible. They don’t just want a webpage; they want Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and regular updates.

They Don’t Respond To Intrusive Ads

The days of cold-calling and flyer distribution are in the past for generation Y; they just don’t respond to traditional marketing methods anymore. Generation Y does not like to feel like they’re being sold on something. Instead, they want to do their own research and decide which brand will work best for them. If you’re trying to attract them, play it cool and let them come to you. Your job is just to make sure that when they come looking, they find you.

They Expect Quality Advertising

Generation Y is really good at sniffing out sketchy ads. Not only do they not want you to bombard them with your ads, but they want them to look good, be reliable, and provide them some sort of value. Whether that’s educational value or entertainment value doesn’t necessarily matter, but they want to getting something out of their research into your brand. Don’t cut corners with your ads for generation Y because they will notice. Paying special attention to transparency and quality can make all the difference.

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