Gaining A Twitter Following As A Medical Professional


Getting on Twitter is one thing, but once you’re there, how do you get people to pay attention? These 4 tips should be enough to get anyone started!


A really great way to generate traffic is to start with blogging. Though you may have heard that blogging is not as relevant as it once was, this is an easy way to attract attention. Let people know what life as a medical professional is like. It may seem daunting to start writing a few hundred words every day, especially considering what busy lives we’re all leading, but it will really only take you a few minutes and it will definitely generate traffic for your social media platforms, as well as your website. Consider starting an account through WordPress and choosing a couple days a week that you’ll write blog posts.

Staying Active on Twitter 

The biggest problem most medical professionals on twitter run into is that they don’t stick with it for long enough. It’s hard to stick with something when you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for, but it takes some time to get the kind of attention you want. Many professionals create a twitter account with the intention of connecting, but don’t stick with it long enough for people to start finding them. The longer you’re active on Twitter, the more likely people are to find and follow you, so even if you’re not seeing results right away, or it feels like you’re just yelling into the void, try to stick with it for at least a year.

Responding to Followers

This is the easiest part and the most important. When you answer mentions, you create a new tweet. You may feel like you don’t want to broadcast these conversations, but it shows those coming to your account that you’re ready to interact. The more interactions people see on your feed, the more likely they are to follow you.

Word of Mouth

When you’ve just started posting on your twitter account, it can be difficult to get that first rush of followers. If you don’t want to pay Twitter to target the audience you want, you can ask your current patients to follow you on Twitter. Consider putting your handle on your business card or having it listed somewhere in your waiting room. Don’t forget to talk to people about it; let them know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Don’t be afraid to ask for a follow! Following you will be mutually beneficial so there’s no reason to be shy about asking.

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