Inbound Marketing Case Study: Explainer Video Company

Explainer Video Company Adopts Inbound Marketing to Enhance their Website and Get New Clients

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This case study is about our collaboration with Verve Videos, a Canadian, B2B-oriented explainer video production company that provides audiovisual solutions to businesses of all sizes. As a market expert, Verve Videos provides innovative yet cost-effective, custom-made video content, ranging from animated explainer and demo videos to motion graphic and live-action videos.

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Video Production – Explainer Video Company

Company's Goal

Effectively market and expand their services and 

enlarge their customer base through a brand new, prospect-oriented, customer centric, and lead generating website. The client also required a website that was search engine optimized, equipped with high-quality content, and capable of lead data capture.

Company's Vision

Enable their clients to reduce their operational costs, 

organically attract more leads, and convert said leads to paying customers through engaging explainer videos.

Collaboration with


Our inbound marketing methodology falls in line with 

Verve Videos’ goals to optimize their website with valuable content for their web pages, blog section, and social media, SEO, and innovative retargeting.


Canada is home to multiple (animated) explainer video 

production companies, so competition is fierce. The client wanted to improve their search engine ranking within 6 months of the beginning of inbound marketing implementation.


The team joined forces to provide Verve 

Videos with a thorough inbound marketing strategy. Our client was able to witness results during the third month of the lead-generation operations thanks to our competence in content marketing, as well as our background in demand generation and certain crucial elements of outbound marketing (paid advertisements). This includes increased sales, website traffic, quality leads, and overall market visibility.

Challenges and How We Overcame Them

Inadequate website content

While the client’s website included useful content, it was not enough from a quantity standpoint. The content was also not optimized for specific keyword terms relating to the business’ services.

→ We conducted thorough competitor and keyword analyses to better understand what their target audiences want. This entails a blog section and detailed service pages divided into types of videos, styles of videos, objectives, and industries.

Outdated branding

The client’s website’s design and color palette were 

bland and outdated. The colors they used throughout the website were not consistent, which made their brand identity blurry. They also had a somewhat messy page organization.

→ We reimagined Verve Videos’ brand identity (color palette, fonts, and logo) and applied the new guidelines to all the pages. We also redesigned their sitemap and wireframe to make the website more user-friendly.

Not enough demand

Verve Videos struggled with relatively low demand 

generation despite having had clients prior to our work. The video production industry, particularly in Canada, is highly competitive, so getting new clients is difficult.

→ After explaining this to our client, we devised a proper strategy that incorporated demand generation techniques which will be discussed below.

Disorganized content strategy

The best strategy to increase a client base is to get organic leads. This often occurs when a strong content marketing plan is in place, which Verve Videos did not have. We started by researching the social media profiles and blog strategies of their competitors.

→ After pinpointing the areas where Verve Videos’ content strategy can be strengthened, we presented a thorough plan for how content marketing will be carried out.


Services utilized

Website development with growth-driven design, content 

creation, content marketing, and lead generation 

Verve Videos’ website needed a lot of work. We revamped their website to make it more appealing, responsive, user-friendly, informative, and content-rich. This entails a complete redesign (brand identity), moving the website to a better host (server), building a sitemap and wireframe with defined and straightforward divisions (navigation), rewriting the existing webpage and blog content, creating new webpage and blog content, and developing individual service pages. Everything was SEO-centric.
We initially produced a comprehensive Gantt chart to detail every individual aspect of the website’s inbound program, thereby providing Verve Videos with a clear timeline plan. We then developed a cross-platform accessible website, which included a brand-new logo and livelier colors.

As for the content marketing strategy, we first defined Verve Videos’ goals and KPIs, studied the target audience’s needs and expectations, conducted a thorough keyword research, and devised a social media and blogging strategy. We generated SEO research-based content.

Verve Videos’ initial service package only included the following: Custom Animated Explainer Videos, Corporate Explainer Videos, Startup Explainer videos, and E-learning Explainer Videos. We split the service pages into two main categories: Video Styles and Video Types.

The Video Types now include the following: Corporate Videos, Customer Service Videos, Demo Videos, Explainer Videos, Motion Graphic Videos, Training Videos, Tutorial Videos, Sales Videos, and Social Media Videos.
The Video Styles now include the following: Animated Explainer Videos, Live-Action Videos, Infographic Videos, Interactive Videos, and Whiteboard Animation.

We created a separate page for each element and inserted a multitude of backlinks that led the pages to become interconnected with each other, thereby providing a better explanation of each service. 

In addition to website redesign and development, content creation and SEO, we provided the client with social media services to generate more brand awareness.
Although Verve Videos did have social media pages across multiple networks, they were not adequately used to capture more leads and generate more traffic to the website.  Additionally, the company made minimal use of said pages. We initiated a proactive social media campaign that included daily posts and creative designs made in-house. 

All that has thus far been mentioned is integral to demand generation. The first item on the checklist is awareness-raising content. This translates to informative blog and social media posts pertaining to explainer videos as a solution, the different industries that can benefit from video production, and the company as a whole. 

The next item on the list is content that would make prospects consider Verve Videos for their projects. The content at this stage is dedicated to putting the brand on the list of thought leaders in the explainer video production community. The last item on the checklist is content that guides prospects into the decision stage. Detailed blog posts and the product page are key to this.

Our team also leveraged paid advertising as a means of generating more demand since a solid, comprehensive, and successful marketing strategy needs more than one element. This aspect of outbound marketing is extremely beneficial when used with inbound marketing strategies since the ad’s viewer would be presented with proof for what the ad says. When the prospect reaches the client’s website, they will find all the information needed to move down the sales funnel.

Results 6 months after launching the inbound marketing strategy

Full-Service Inbound Marketing Agency

Future Vision

After our work with Verve Videos, we formed a partnership! Videos play a huge role in inbound marketing because they are highly engaging and they can be manipulated to fit all the phases of the inbound marketing funnel – Attract, Engage, Close, and Delight. We even pitch Verve Videos’ services to our clients.

Inbound marketing is all about consistency, which is why our work does not end here. We will be providing Verve Videos with regular content for their blog (1 post a week) and social media (1 post a day), as well as advice on what to do next and how to get more results, as long as our partnership lives.