Are Digital Marketing, Social Media, and eCommerce Related?

It’s no secret that this entire generation is highly dependent on digital marketing strategies, especially when it comes to introducing their businesses. Business owners globally are utilizing techniques, such as social media, eCommerce, and network marketing to play the business game in a valuable way, that is in respect to marketing practices used today.

digital marketing
digital marketing

Now, there are many similarities between social media, eCommerce business content marketing and eCommerce network business marketing, however, there are also many differences that separate them in terms of the way things are done, the mediums used, and their benefits.

Let’s discuss each and every one of them further, to get a bigger scope of how each functions differently.

Social Media vs E-commerce vs Network Business

In recent years, businesses have used digital marketing mediums, such as social media platforms for promotional use. Instagram has become a major player in the online business game. Instagram is not just about posting personal content, it’s also developed new features like online shops for businesses, where customers can view products and be directed to that business’s website for an eCommerce purchasing experience.

eCommerce network business marketing is more of a mix between a modern and fast eCommerce digital marketing, and traditional methods, where a business hires people to sell the product for them.

Though social media, eCommerce, and network businesses are intertwined, their differences lie in the simple fact that each of them have different layers than the rest.
 Let’s delve into more of what each of them are about individually to understand their differences, as well as their connections more clearly:

Social Media

With social media, it’s all about using platforms like Instagram to introduce images of your products via an online shop feature, where customers can see the product, as well as a brief description.

 If they are interested in purchasing, then they have the option to click on said product, and be directed to the business’s website for an e-commerce shopping experience, where the transactional process can be completed. That is the connection between social media and e-commerce, as social media has become an introduced backdoor to bring users to your website. 

It’s one of the most popular eCommerce strategies for business marketing used by businesses today, However, where social media differs from eCommerce is that eCommerce has more layers and practices different promotional strategies., that can be later implemented through social media, or other mediums.

eCommerce business content marketing utilizes more market research knowledge, and acquires them in the form of SEO keywords, competitor analysis, and buyer personas.

Now, what connects social media with eCommerce network business marketing is the simple fact that network marketing hinges on using traditional methods of marketing, such as brand ambassadors for example to promote your brands’ products and services. Instagram has proven to be the perfect platform, where social media influencers, turned brand ambassadors can promote your brand on their pages.


eCommerce business content marketing is when businesses dive into market research for eCommerce business,  to understand the psychology of their consumers, their competitors’ business tactics and products, and the best SEO keywords to use on their websites, vlogs, and ofcourse social media.

Among the many platforms that play a role in eCommerce strategies for business marketing, social media in eCommerce business content marketing is simply a vessel, from which that acquired research is translated into content that optimizes a business’s visibility and awareness. This is one of the strongest approaches in digital marketing.

The way eCommerce network business marketing fits into the picture, is that while it does fall into that online world of buying and selling, the usual tactics used to sell are more about hiring other people, such as brand ambassadors who communicate the researched information acquired by the brand and spreading it to the masses on their individual social media pages. 

Besides brand ambassadors, you could also seek out other close acquaintances to promote your business whether it’s be on their pages, or in person, during a physical shopping experience.

In addition, eCommerce strategies for content marketing also have an added layer of email marketing. Email marketing for eCommerce businesses gives them the perfect opportunity to introduce new offers, discounts, and new product drops or features to consumers.

Email marketing for eCommerce businesses also has the power to grab attention because you can use email subject lines or cleverly worded texts that are very enticing, and get your customers to click on your business page.

eCommerce Network Business

eCommerce network business marketing is all about having more interaction with your customers and introducing your product to them via hiring a staff or social media influencers to communicate your brands’ products

This is opposed to simple e-commerce, where you still utilize customer testimonials, but you’re not paying anyone else to do it, you’re just gathering data analytics from website traffic or complaints from suggestion boxes or surveys. 

With eCommerce business content marketing,  you’ll be able to make the necessary improvements to let your customers feel heard, which instills their trust and loyalty to your brand.

Gathering feedback from consumers about your brands’ services, and transforming them into quick solutions is a fundamental part of market research for eCommerce businesses. That’s what makes eCommerce strategies for business marketing, much more effective than eCommerce network business marketing.

digital marketing
digital marketing

eCommerce Business Content Marketing

eCommerce business content marketing is the ability to understand the respective market of your brand’s field, and have a vivid idea of what you’re up against, and how to approach the market with your specific business services.

In an eBusiness, you utilize an online platform as the homebase of where all your products and services can be ordered, and it’s imperative that you build that content, whether it be in the form of blogs, video, emails, or newsletters, on the basis of good eCommerce strategies for business marketing.

 e Marketing is crucial to any business that’s planted in the world of e Commerce, and here’s how all of them intertwine:

eBusiness vs eCommerce vs eMarketing

eCommerce is considered to be a part of eBusiness, where an eBusiness utilizes such a technique to not only sell products and services to consumers, but also to study consumer behavior on their websites, and consumer behavior in surveys.

All that data collected, can then be analyzed and responded to by making changes in the products, the prices, or the guiding system of how to purchase a product or service. This is just one of many essential eCommerce strategies for business eMarketing. 

Overall, that is the difference between eCommerce, eBusiness, and eMarketing. 

If eMarketing sounds like more of your speed, then is the place for you, where we provide effective eCommerce strategies for business marketing, by researching the best SEO keywords, competitor analysis, and buyer personas, in order to provide you with the right blueprint for your business strategies. 

By utilizing those strategies, your business will reap the benefits by garnering more brand awareness, website traffic, sales, and customer loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Social Media, eCommerce, and eCommerce network business marketing are the perfect combination for any business that’s looking to achieve more visibility, an increased ROI, and overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

You’re not just selling products or services, you’re selling yourself as a brand and problem solver for the specific consumer that you’re targeting. 

You have to understand that consumer, what they want and need, how your product and your strategies can meet those requests, and then deliver on all those factors, so that your brand can look more credible, and ultimately be a real success story!

We at Lets Market It would be delighted to help you get there, so if you’re interested, and want your brand to rise to the top, please contact us, so that we may begin writing that success story together!

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