It is often said that content creation is the most powerful marketing weapons businesses and marketers have at their disposal. Microsoft founder and former CEO Bill Gates prophetically said way back in 1996 during the early days of the internet: “Content is king”. 

Gates further elaborated on that thought by stating that “content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet.” Indeed, one of the most valuable commodities to people is information. 

Hence the importance of content creation. Writing and creating frequent, valuable and insightful content is not only a beneficial business practice, it has simply become a vital one.

Despite that, content creation is somewhat underutilized by a lot of companies across many industries. In the medium to long run, this is detrimental to their marketing objectives, and will affect their efforts of securing new customers and retaining them. 

The purpose of this page is to define what content creation is, and provide reasons as to why it is important, and how it can positively impact your business’ efforts to attract, engage with, secure and delight customers in an organic way.

What is Content Creation?

Content creation is the process of producing information for a target audience with a clear objective in mind, and is to be viewed on a pre-designated platform. The type of information and the goal of the content largely depends on the creator.

Creating a company’s content for marketing purposes involves meticulously planning, executing, and following up on its performance.

Why is Content Creation Important?

There are two types of marketing campaigns that businesses use as part of their repertoire: outbound and inbound marketing

Outbound marketing is the act of resorting to traditional marketing methods such as television commercials, email blast marketing and cold-calling. 

Inbound marketing is the practice of providing the audience with something important, in order to grab their attention and draw them in. Marketers thus increase brand awareness and gradually convert prospects into paying customers. Content creation is not only the first step of implementing an inbound marketing campaign, but it also lies at the very core of it.  

Here are some of the main reasons that demonstrate the importance of content creation.

1-) Content Creation Establishes Your Business As a Figure of Authority:

When your business writes relevant and valuable content, it is positioning itself as a thought leader and as an expert in the industry it operates under. Content creation in all of its forms is an ideal way for your business to showcase knowledge.

For example, you can discuss growing trends in a specific industry, answer frequently asked questions, provide helpful tips, and list out your products and services, alongside the benefits that stem from using them.

2-) Content Creation Builds Meaningful Relationships:

When readers dedicate their time to read your business’ content at length, this translates to building, and eventually bolsters the trust factor. Your business’ objective is not only to generate sales and boost revenues, it has a clear goal of educating the audience and helping them make a conscious purchasing decision, thus establishing you as a trusted and reliable figure of authority.

They deem your content as valuable to them, and they are more likely to establish a partnership with your business in the long run.

3-) Content Creation Provides An Excellent Opportunity for Link Building:

Apart from boosting organic traffic, content creation enables link building, since the latter generate more traffic to your business’ website. 

Linking to other internal website pages within a specific article brings users to new pages of your website and enables them to read more of your content. Your blogs and articles also give other businesses a chance to link to your website in their own content. 

If an external entity links to your business’ website, it gives search engines a signal that your site is reputable and credible, and helps your website rank higher among search engine pages.

4-) Content Creation Boost SEO:

Content creation works just as well for machines as for human visitors. High-quality, keyword-centric content that is created and published on a consistent basis will enable search engines to better crawl your pages and eventually index them as high-quality content based on users’ search queries.

Simply put, search engines will index high quality and carefully-curated content, among other features. If your business produces this type of content, it is in the driving seat, and is bound to rank higher within search engine results.

5-) Content Creation Allow You To Target Users Through Relevant Subjects and Keywords:

If your business operates in an industry that is subject to rapid changes and/or adapts to real-time occurrences (such as software products or social media trends), creating content frequently and consistently allows you to easily provide the required information they are looking for.

When your business is in the process of creating content, you must conduct keyword research to ensure that you are using words and sentences that are most relevant to your users.

One of the primary goals of content creation is to educate and teach your target audience; thus, your business’ posts provide a great opportunity to give readers the information they exactly want.

Content creation will enable your business to jump straight into the inbound marketing bandwagon and get the ball rolling. Your website is the opening portal to your business for users. If you want your business to rank higher among search engines and generate organic traffic,  then content creation is the primary gateway.

Whilst the process is not a costly ordeal, it necessitates considerable time. But with a clear plan put in place and an open mind, your business is bound to generate positive results.

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