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For a long, long time, marketing was about talking at consumers; now it’s about talking with them. In 2016,...

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The really amazing thing about social media marketing is that you can reach the people you want to reach...

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By: LetsMarket.it On: December 13, 2018 In: Healthcare Comments: 0

Celebrity doctors are saturating their market. The entertainment industry has realized that the world wants to hear about what...

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  Getting on Twitter is one thing, but once you’re there, how do you get people to pay attention?...

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It may seem counterintuitive. The whole point of getting onto social media is to get to know your clients...

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By: LetsMarket.it On: November 19, 2018 In: Design & Build, Healthcare, Law Comments: 0

The reason so many people are migrating to a social media inclusive marketing strategy is because it allows us...

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By: LetsMarket.it On: February 19, 2016 In: Healthcare Comments: 0

Everybody is on Facebook, but what about Twitter? Lots of people are using it, but for some reason, dentists...

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