Inbound Marketing for Doctors: How to Attract and Retain Patients

Introduction In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for any business, and the medical field is no exception. With patients increasingly relying on the internet to search for healthcare providers, it’s essential for doctors to invest in inbound marketing strategies to attract and retain patients. Inbound marketing for doctors focuses on […]

Inbound Marketing For Healthcare

healthcare inbound marketing

Giving a helpful, personal touch to marketing initiatives is at the very heart of inbound marketing. The healthcare industry is a fantastic fit for such a value-added strategy.

All Toronto Dentists Have to Know The 3 Secrets to Great Online Marketing

The really amazing thing about social media marketing is that you can reach the people you want to reach when you want and how you want. These digital platforms have changed the marketing game for all brands that are competing for a small market. Location is everything for Toronto based dentists, so learning how to […]

Turning Great Patients Into Loyal Fans: The Why and How

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Celebrity doctors are saturating their market. The entertainment industry has realized that the world wants to hear about what it is that doctors do all day, and they’ve begun to capitalize, especially with their patients. Who’s Done It? There’s been fictionalized stories about doctors for quite some time now: Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, The […]

Gaining A Twitter Following As A Medical Professional

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  Getting on Twitter is one thing, but once you’re there, how do you get people to pay attention? These 4 tips should be enough to get anyone started! Blogging A really great way to generate traffic is to start with blogging. Though you may have heard that blogging is not as relevant as it […]