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B2B Inbound Marketing Agency

Now that we have outlined how B2B inbound marketing works as a general principle, it is time to show you the fine prints and, how LetsMarket.it as a B2B inbound marketing agency, implements a comprehensive, all-encompassing inbound strategy. As B2B marketers, we drive your company’s lead-generation strategy, and create a measurable, cost-effective and efficient marketing campaign throughout the process.

Here is our b2b inbound approach and how it enables your business to expand its outreach in an organic, non-disruptive fashion

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Identifying B2B Buyer Personas

At this stage, your business has already established that inbound marketing works because it draws B2B customers in. As a B2B inbound marketing agency we believe that successfully competing for your prospect’s attention lies in the need to understand what they are searching for, when they’re searching it, and where they are likely to seek an answer.

In other words, we paint a picture of your ideal customer by profiling them. We ask several questions to put your business on the right track. 

Since your B2B business operates either in one specific industry or several ones, we either develop a single buyer persona, or several ones that caters to each industry.

Each buyer persona requires specific content based on their needs. As a B2B inbound marketing agency, once we establish who is/are your business’ buyer persona(s), we start generating relevant and valuable content that suits their profiles.

Creating Relevant B2B Content

At this point, we have painted a detailed picture of your B2B customers. As a B2B inbound marketing agency, we adopt a multi-faceted approach for content creation.

Initially, we ask ourselves the following questions: What makes content effective? Will this content really make a difference to the target audience?

B2B customers do not go online to look for companies who are trying to sell them a product or a service; they go online to solve a pressing problem. Thus, they are highly unlikely to spend time digesting your content unless it provides them with valuable help.

They are also less likely to allow themselves to be driven down the marketing funnel unless your content is not only highly-valuable, but also delivers on its promises.

Thus, as a B2B inbound marketing agency, we create content that resonates with the customer. We use all the data we have gathered during the Buyer’s Personas process and address their pressing issues.

We also aim to outline and deploy your expertise as a B2B company. This is why we steer away from sharing theoretical visions and instead share practical tangible advice on how your products and services work.

At the same time, we create content to harness your company’s strengths, whilst maintaining authenticity and credibility at the same time.

The content we create for your B2B company must also be optimized. This is where we adopt a two-pronged approach:

B2b Content Optimization

We seek out your B2B partners (existing customers, suppliers etc.) to co-write with us ebooks, whitepapers and/or invite them to give presentations as part of a webinar, or ask them to be interviewed for a short video showcasing their industry knowledge and passion for your business’ offering.

B2b Content Optimization

As a B2B inbound marketing agency, we also aim to repurpose content. Almost every piece of content created can be adapted, reused, modified and republished in another format. We make our goal to find multiple ways to package and distribute the same information using different formats. For instance, we can combine text from a whitepaper with new videos to create a multimedia ebook. We also turn videos or webinars into blog posts and ebooks, or vice-versa.

b2b inbound marketing agency and inbound marketing agency for law firms - landing pages

Creating Landing Pages

The next effective step is to publish the content and start using it to generate new leads. As a B2B inbound marketing agency, we do this by creating landing pages that ask visitors to fill in a form and download your content.

The landing page acts like a transaction in which your prospect gets free access (or partially free) to the content and in return, your business receives the contact information of the users. This process converts visitors into legitimate prospects. In reference to WordStream, Landing pages are the main conversion tools to your website, not ads.

Landing pages are also known as lead capture pages. Not only do they capture the data of your business’ website visitors, but they also grab their attention, encouraging the visitor to remain interested in the content.

Landing pages are comprised of three key components: the headline, the body of the page, and the form:

The headline is where your business’ offer will be included. As a rule of thumb, we make sure that your landing page passes the “blink test”. We make a precise, concise offer that the user is able to quickly and clearly understand.

In the body of the landing page, we provide a description of the content and why your visitors should download and sign up. We format the body of the webpage in a way that clearly conveys the value of the content and the action visitors need to take. For instance, we use bullet points and numbering to simplify the visual layout of the text, and use bold and italicized text to highlight the main points. We also include a feature image of the content that is being presented, since visuals have the power to instantly capture the attention of visitors and should be leveraged to the fullest.

The ultimate goal of the landing page is to get visitors to fill out your form. The length of the form plays a determining factor in leading to visitors to fill out the contact form. We also prefer to create a short form, because it usually leads to more people willing to fill it out, since it will not take up much of their time.

Designing Calls-To-Action

The goal of a call-to-action is to generate traffic to a landing page. CTAs are also referred to as buttons, or banners. Examples include: “Sign Up for Free”, “Sign In” etc.
In order to increase the visitor-to-lead ratio, our objective as a B2B inbound marketing agency is to create a number of calls-to-action and distribute them across as many of the website’s pages as possible.  According to HubSpot, CTAs must be placed in the visitor’s eye path, ideally on the center or front of the page.

At the very least, we include CTAs on the following pages:

Social Media Engagement

While social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram all contain unique features, they have something in common, which is sharing information.

With the creation of valuable, high-quality content to promote, social media campaigns can effectively add upon them. As HootSuite mentioned, an effective campaign must have SMART goals and metrics to measure them.

As a B2B inbound marketing agency, we decide which social networks that are going to be used based on the customers’ preferences. We identify three networks that bring your business the best results.

We also map different content based on the network themselves. Different social networks are effective at promoting different types of content. While visual content performs well on Facebook, simple copy works well for LinkedIn. We thus identify which social networks that make the most sense for the type of marketing offer we have implemented.

We also plan the timing of social media promotion; in other words, we control how often we share your offers to ensure your social media account does not turn into a spam bot.

Social media promotion also necessitates the use of hashtags. There is more to hashtag than just adding a pound sign in front of words. They help streamline a lot of the discussions generate by the content and social media posts and help your business generate more traffic and receive more feedback

Building Workflows

Workflows are used to further engage with prospects and turn them to leads. They are an automated series of emails which qualifies early-stage leads. Workflows include advanced lead nurturing and marketing automation. Digital22 has assured that creating email automation workflows nurtures leads and increases brand awareness with one clock

As a B2B inbound marketing agency, we send out segmented emails to leads according to a predetermined follow-up schedule that suits the leads’ time schedule.

Implementing Key Metrics

As a B2B inbound marketing agency, there is an array of metrics that we take into consideration. Knowing how to measure the performance of B2B inbound marketing efforts is essential to ensuring that the campaign achieves its objectives.

This is why LetsMarket.it looks at key performance indicators (KPIs). They are benchmarks that we use to track and measure the progress of the inbound marketing campaign. Klipfolio stressed the importance of KPIs as instruments to KPIs strengthen employee morale, support and influence business objectives and foster growth

Here are some KPIs that are used to track throughout the process:


The number of times visitors provided their email addresses to receive downloadable content, or webinars.


The number of times other websites linked to your pages.

Organic Search Traffic

The number of visits to your website resulting from a user finding a business by entering a search query on a search engine


The number of times someone came to your site and stayed there for a specific period of time.

Website Conversion Rate

The ratio of purchases or conversions to the number of visits to your website.


The number of times people clicked on your advertisements.

Click-Through-Rates (CTR)

CTR measures the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view one of your web pages, an email, or one of your ads. For instance, if your business had 11 clicks and 100 impressions, then your CTR would be 11%

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

It is the amount your business will earn from customers for the duration in which they will do business with you. As a B2B inbound marketing agency, we need this information to determine the long-term value of each lead.

Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

It is the total amount spent to acquire a customer. In order for the inbound marketing campaign to be profitable, the customer lifetime value must exceed the CAC.

Return on Investment (ROI)

The ROI is an essential KPI that helps both us and your business determine if the B2B inbound marketing campaign is achieving its key goals.

Why Choose Us?

As a B2B company, targeting the right audience and developing a solid brand identity can be a difficult task. This is where LetsMarket.it comes in.

1 - We Have the Required Knowledge

As a B2B inbound marketing agency, we have experience using various inbound marketing tactics for B2B companies. 

2 - We Adapt To Specific Industries with Different Scenarios

We are not a normalized inbound marketing agency where we apply the same methods to every business. We recognize that your B2B business may have an identity that is different from others in the inbound marketing world. We tailor your marketing campaign around your business and your target audience.

3 - We are in the Know:

As a B2B inbound marketing agency, it is our responsibility to know the latest in all aspects of your business. We continually grow our knowledge for B2B marketing trends to ensure we leverage every opportunity to generate traffic on your website and social media pages, increase your leads, and eventually increase your revenues and profit margins.


LetsMarket.it is a B2B inbound marketing agency that is committed to helping your business generate great results, at an affordable price. Our methods are efficient, organic, and will be used to effectively generate sustainable business growth for your company.