7 Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies for SaaS Companies

Inbound Marketing Strategies for SaaS Companies

Software as a service (SaaS) has been a part of life since the advent of the computer age, with it really taking off with the introduction of cloud-based software. 

effective inbound marketing strategies for saas companies
effective inbound marketing strategies for saas companies

People would be using SaaS software today without realizing just how prevalent they are. Companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and many others use this business model, and it is successful when done right. 

We believe that the optimal way to do that is through inbound marketing strategies for SaaS companies, and we here at Letsmarket.it will explain to you why it’s the best method and how to do it.

Here are 7 effective inbound marketing strategies for SaaS companies you could use to boost your business’ digital presence and eventually increase your ROI:

Know Your Customer

Knowing your customer is the bread and butter for any marketing strategy . Finding out your target audience should be your first step in composing a coherent and effective strategy of inbound marketing for SaaS companies, or any company for that matter. Thankfully, in the digital age we live in, this has become significantly easier, and will likely be simpler still in the future. 

With social media being the most common application in phones, browsers, and even smart TVs, users can stay connected nearly everywhere, from living room to out at the gym. The information of the consumers is already out there on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other similar social media platforms; all that’s left to do is simply to go and gather it. 

Expand Your Reach

Keep in mind, it’s not just regular people who would need the use of social media, but rather established and upstart companies, too. Businesses these days have an online presence, and companies like NortonLifeLock (formerly Symantec) have taken advantage of this fact. NortonLifeLock are selling their antivirus software as a subscription to them, making them one of the leading online retailers in the world for protection against online malware.

When making effective inbound marketing strategies for SaaS companies, these companies must also consider that while the average Joe is a potential customer, thinking bigger helps expand their reach even further. For example, VBOUT, a marketing automation platform, in collaboration with LetsMarket.it, expanded their online presence with the help of our inbound marketing strategy for SaaS companies.

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Use Appropriate Visuals

When a prospect or lead visits your website or article, having informative text doesn’t cut it anymore, hence why to both attract and retain a customer’s attention, good visuals go a long way. This is because humans are visual creatures whose attention spans have greatly shrunk over the years, thus rendering bulks of texts less effective than they were before regardless of how valuable their content is.

Graphs, Charts, and Tables

At the core of every strong inbound SaaS marketing strategy is the customer’s need to know how useful the product is to their daily life, whether to enhance it practically or to simply increase the day’s enjoyment. Following up that information with a graph, should the service allow it, would help cement the usefulness of your product with credible data.

The type of data that would be used could be pretty much anything, from the satisfaction rate of your previous customers, it improves the lives of the people using it. People love having something useful, so using data to back that up would help greatly in your inbound SaaS marketing strategy.

effective inbound marketing strategies for saas companies
effective inbound marketing strategies for saas companies

Animated Explainer Videos

Of the most effective methods for inbound marketing, animated explainer videos take the top spot in that regard. A video could be used anywhere and everywhere, and it’s no surprise it’s the fastest growing medium for advertising in the world. With the still-rising popularity of YouTube, videos have never been more popular than it has been today, and other social media platforms are constantly trying to reinvent the wheel to catch up, and they have.

Short term videos have seen a rise in popularity with the advent of TikTok. YouTube added Shorts to their list of features, Instagram has Reels for quick videos, and these were responses from both platforms to not be left behind. Companies are constantly trying to stay ahead of the curb, developing new methods of watching videos. Our partner company, VerveVideos.com, creates short and engaging animated explainer videos as part of our inbound marketing strategy. These short videos would be helpful in a buyer’s journey through SaaS inbound marketing.

For an effective inbound marketing strategy for SaaS companies, videos are a greatly-beneficial addition. With the help of Verve Videos, it would undoubtebly be invaluable among the 7 effective inbound marketing strategies for SaaS companies.

Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Everyone in the world who has access to a phone would search for the item they need online. It could be from something as simple as the best toothbrush on the market, to the individual trying to learn the best way to use a spreadsheet. With search engine optimization, companies do their best to get their product to the top of the search list. 

Here at LetsMarket.it, our specialty is to get the product or service of our clients to the top of Google, Bing, or any other search engine, and SEO would be one of our core methods, and incredibly valuable among our 7 effective inbound marketing strategies for SaaS companies.

Move Beyond Customer Acquisition

A buyer’s journey through SaaS inbound marketing isn’t something that can be completed in just one go. You will have to keep going even though that person became a customer. Earning that trust would be a valuable achievement, but the next step is to nurture that trust, to keep that customer loyal, which  is achievable through effective inbound marketing strategies for saas companies 

Data Collection

To keep the customer loyal, the inbound SaaS marketing strategy has to continue even after the purchase. The SaaS offering needs to constantly prove its usefulness to the customer, and must stay up to date with how the buyer feels about it. Several methods could be used. It could be collecting customer reviews, keeping up with any mentions on social media, or even just a survey from your group of buyers. 

Staying up to date with the customers is important in retaining them, and with the data collected, a new inbound marketing strategy for SaaS can be formed to not only keep them satisfied, but also to gain new ones as well. After all, this is all part of a buyer’s journey through SaaS inbound marketing.

Follow Up

As part of the inbound marketing campaign, and among the 7 effective inbound marketing strategy for SaaS companies includes following up with customers, seeing what went wrong, regaining their trust by rectifying what may have gone wrong, and through this gaining more data. A brand’s value is more important than people think. It’s what people look at when seeing how trustworthy the company is, so making sure that stays solid shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Emphasize Brand Value on Social Media

We are in the age of information.Everyone is online and has access to everything in the palm of their hand, including social connections. Social media has expanded the reach of everyone who uses it and, in turn, collected hundreds of contacts all in one application. This allows easier data collection, and follow up research.

Advertising on Facebook has always been the go-to decision for marketing companies, but these ads tend to be intrusive and frustrating as they interrupt users’ social feed. Instead of buying these interrupting advertisements, having an account there for the company helps greatly. These social media accounts become a point of contact between the SaaS company and the customer themselves. 

What’s more, having an account on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social platform can be used to show others your brand’s value. In essence, one of the uses of social media marketing is customer service, telling the user where to find you, and also letting them know what your brand is all about.

Think of the Content

Nearly every company website has a collection of articles or blogs related to their product, and for SaaS companies, it would be one of the many tools utilized to attract customers. Content is useful not only because it brings more users to the product, but also because it is part of the SaaS inbound marketing strategy to retain customers and increase the brand’s value.

The content is what the users will see of your company, what they’ll correlate your brand and values with. Making strong content is key, and invaluable as part of the 7 effective inbound marketing strategies for SaaS companies.

Presentation is Everything

A piece of content can be as simple as a  blog and video, or even as intricate as an interactive online game, but the trick to it is to catch the attention of the user. It’s important to have a snappy headline to grab the attention of the potential customer, and having well-made and presentable content is fundamental to this endeavor. This helps the SaaS company begin earning trust, and show the brand’s value to the potential customer.

Include Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

When a customer has reached the end of the content, it is always prudent to add a call-to-action at the end of every piece of content available. Once trust and brand confidence have been established, that user will convert into a customer.

Any marketing campaign, especially with inbound marketing, will have this feature at the end of its content. This is a useful tool in both gaining new customers, and also gaining more data for a more effective inbound strategy in the future.

Final Thoughts

Inbound marketing works well with SaaS company strategies. Software in 2022 is sold online, inbound marketing’s strongest area of operation. Online where customer research is the easiest, where everything can be tracked to optimize the strategy. A perfect environment for inbound marketing and SaaS companies alike.

Inbound marketing would be both the most effective and the most efficient method for SaaS companies, and that’s something we at LetsMarket.it specialize in. For a more comprehensive explanation, and to learn how we can help you with your own inbound marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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