All Toronto Dentists Have to Know The 3 Secrets to Great Online Marketing

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The really amazing thing about social media marketing is that you can reach the people you want to reach when you want and how you want. These digital platforms have changed the marketing game for all brands that are competing for a small market. Location is everything for Toronto based dentists, so learning how to connect with your local community online could be your ticket to steady growth. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re marketing your dentist office online in Toronto.

Location Does Matter

It may seem to go without saying that location matters in dentistry. It’s not like people are going to be travelling across the province for a check up. Did you know just how much it matters, though? Studies show that your average Canadian doesn’t travel more than four kilometers to get to their dentist. That’s why flyer campaigns have been the main marketing method for dentists’ offices in the past: they allow you to target people based on where they live.

In the 21st century though, we have other, more effective ways to find the people you’re looking for. Instead of sending out 1000 flyers and getting maybe 10 responses, why not list your office on Google and let the people come to you? More than 50% of people are finding their medical practitioners through the internet, so it only make sense to let the customers come to you. Instead of annoying everyone in the neighbourhood with flyers, you can target potential customers and let them know what makes your office the right fit for their family.

Toronto Loves Toronto

If you’re trying to get attention in the Toronto area on social media, you should be posting about Toronto a lot. When we say a lot, we mean a lot. There is nothing that Torontonians appreciate more than an expressed love of the 6. Tweet about the neighbourhoods you love or restaurants in your area, and the people will come to you!

The biggest mistake that most business owners make here is that they don’t know how to make talking about their neighbourhood sound organic. Don’t just attach some location hashtags to an unrelated message. Instead, try tweeting about local businesses you love, parks you visit, or anything else you love to do in this city.

Big Competition

As you likely already know, the competition for dentists in Toronto is stiff. There are a lot of offices, and because dental isn’t covered by OHIP, the market shrinks even further. The high density of offices means that your office will need to do something to stand out. Whether that means having a really family-oriented office or having all the latest dentistry gadgets, whatever it is that you do well, you’re going to need to promote it.

The best way to promote your branding is online. By letting patients come to you, you’re building a trust in your business that simply cannot be accomplished through traditional methods of marketing. Figure out your brand, let the neighbourhood know, and wait for the new patients to start rolling in. With online marketing, standing out against your competition is easier and more important than it ever has been before.

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